Angie Harmon's Long Wavy Hair

Angie Harmon with long wavy hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Looking as comfortable as ever, actress Angie Harmon, attended The Los Angeles Premiere of Jurassic World.
She was rocking a denim jumpsuit tied with a black belt at the waist for definition. Her makeup application was kept clean and simple, while her fabulous, long wavy hairstyle took a bit more time to style.
Anytime you have an updo you will want to work with hair that isn't freshly washed, while a style that is left down, it's best to work on freshly shampooed and conditioned hair.
Begin by applying a heat protectant to clean, damp hair and blow dry (or air dry depending on the time one has). If you choose to blow dry, make sure the air flow is pointed down to help keep the cuticle of the hair strand, down. Once the hair is dry, you can then heat up the curling wand to the lowest setting.
Angie Harmon comfortable long hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
Next, section the hair so that you can work bottom to top. Begin curling the hair with the smaller width of the barrel pointed down to the ends and then for the next 2 inch section, use the curling wand in the opposite direction (big part of the wand at the bottom). This will give the waves a lot of variation in sizes and not appear so uniform.
As you work your way up, hair spray each section for the best hold and then again when complete. Don't forget to add a splash of shine spray to give a healthful appearance.
Angie Harmon wearing a denim jumpsuit
Photo by PR Photos
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