Alexa Chung's Loose Curls

Alexa Chung with long hair and loose curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Here are photos of Alexa Chung at the 8th Annual Teen Vogue University. Alexa's long fringe (is she growing it out?), is parted in the middle of her forehead, brushed in opposite directions, creating a frame to showcase her beautiful face.
The rest of her long hair is set in loose, informal curls. The simple dark turtleneck forms a good background for her hair style and color.
Side view of Alexa Chung's hairstyle
Photos by PR Photos
First apply blow-dry lotion and a heat protection product to your tresses. If you have relatively fine straight hair, throw your head upside down and blow your hair completely dry. If you have thicker wavy hair, blow-dry your hair and straighten it with the straightening iron, using big sections of hair. Note that Alexa's hair is relatively straight from root to mid-length.
Then, clip the hair in about three sections and curl the hair from mid-length to tip with a large-barrel curling iron, working from back to front. Note that Alexa's hair is curled away from her face.
After you're finished with the curling iron, throw your head back and forth about four times, and then gently comb your fingers through the curls to achieve that messy effect. Spray your hair with a low- to medium hold hairspray, preferably something with a bit of a shine to it.
Alexa Chung wearing a skirt and dark turtleneck
Photo by PR Photos
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