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Jessica Biel's Hair with Streaks

On July 27, 2010 Jessica Biel went to the UK premiere of "The A-Team" in London and she wore her hair with a flowing centered part frazzled with a slight bounce of light guarded waves around her face.
Her hair color was between a grown out natural brown and blonde ended streaks that were from yesterday. There is also the suspicion that the dark brown hair that we see in the photo that is underneath her blonde could very well be fixed extensions or clip-on extensions to dramatize the achieved contrast.
Jessica's ends look quite dry because of the blow dryer and curling irons. One particular suggestion is to lightly apply coconut or olive oil on your ends. You will be amazed how much the oil protects your hair and how your dry hair drinks it up and comes alive.
Jessica wears her makeup in a natural "girl next door" look with her eyebrows tweezed, but not too dark, eyeliner, mascara, light blush on her apple cheeks and a light pastel pink lip tone. Her bright orange dress is most striking and appealing with her skin tone and hair color and brings real pizzazz next to her face.
Jessica Biel wearing a long red dress Jessica Biel's long hairstyle with messy waves Jessica Biel's hair with color contrasts
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