Long Wavy Hair

Mena Suvari with long wavy hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Mena Suvari looked stunning at the 9th Annual National Arts Awards in New York on October 13th, 2004, showcasing her long, flowing waves of light golden brown hair. Among the waves, strands of golden blonde added a striking contrast, enhancing the depth and dimension of her hairstyle.
Her hair was styled in long layers, skillfully crafted to create lazy waves that gracefully cascaded over her shoulders. The bangs, smoothly directed into the waves, and framed her face elegantly, adding a touch of sophistication to her overall look.
Achieving this hairstyle required meticulous attention to detail, with plenty of gel used to maintain the waves' structure and shine throughout the evening. The choice of neutral lip gloss complemented her hair and outfit perfectly, enhancing the overall harmony of colors and style.
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