Claire van der Boom Hair

Claire van der Boom hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Claire van der Boom can do no wrong. At least not while gracing the red carpet of the "5 Flights Up" Premiere in New York City. She rocked the step and repeat in a monochromatic navy silk blouse and coordinating pants. Navy and red (lipstick) always look sophisticated.
Claire's curly hairstyle requires no height in the crown, this means that a dry shampoo can be used instead of getting the hair wet unnecessarily. The hair lays flat against the crown and is curled in the mid shaft and ends of the hair so the styling process can begin on dry hair.
After dry shampoo is applied, heat up the curling wand on the lowest setting (always test it out on the lowest and move up the temperature if necessary). Now, lather on some heat protectant to safeguard your hair against the heat of the curling wand.
Claire van der Boom sporting a curly hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
Part your hair off center (Claire's is from left to right) and then take two inch sections and wrap the hair around the wand (big part at the top, smaller part pointing to the ends). Only allow the hair to be on there for about 15 seconds (see if it has curled and adjust temperature if needed).
Continue these two inch sections for 15 seconds a piece all the way around the head (two inch vertical section by two inch vertical section). Don't forget when finishing, if you're sporting a curly hairstyle to use a generous amount of hair spray.
Claire van der Boom wearing a silk navy blouse
Photo by PR Photos
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