Miley Cyrus' Long Coils

Miley Cyrus with her long hair styled into coils
Miley Cyrus - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
TV's Miley Cyrus is a beautiful young girl who appears destined to become a beautiful woman in time. She's already got hair that many women three times her age would kill for. Her chestnut-colored tresses are styled in long, silken coils.
The star of ABC Family Channel's "Hannah Montana" (about a pre-teen pop star who treats her off-stage persona like a secret identity) has made big splash among American young people and their parents who appreciate the more wholesome values displayed by her character. Her father, country music star Billy Ray (Achy-Breaky Heart) Cyrus, plays her dad/manager on the show.
Miley's look is one of classic beauty, very down-to-earth and girl-next-door. Her ultra-long hair is both satiny and romantic and definitely a feature of its own.
The Cut
The style shown hasn't seen much interplay with scissors, apart from maintenance trims to keep the hair looking healthy, smooth and free of split-ends. The ends of the hair are layered in the "long-layered" technique (most likely lifted to 180-degree elevation and cut using a horizontal cutting line). The layering is important (despite the extreme length of the hair) to prevent an overabundance of bulk when the hair is curled. The layering allows the hair to distribute even levels of volume.
Working with hair that is this length will require that the hair be sectioned into at least 4 separate parts before any cutting is performed. The hair will almost certainly need to be shampooed and carefully conditioned prior to cutting to enable easier combing, sectioning and prevent the hair from tangling and snagging while being cut.
You will also most likely need to have the individual sit on a low stool or child-sized chair or perhaps even a cushion placed on the floor in order to allow you to lift the hair to the proper elevation and still be able to cut it comfortably and correctly.
To achieve this cascade of curls in such long hair, your best option is going to be a wet roller set using styling gel for maximum hold. Given the length of the hair involved - and its subsequent weight - you want to roll the hair using on-base placement to get maximum lift at the scalp.
Miley Cyrus hair styling - How to diagram
Depending on the exact length of the hair you are dealing with, you may find you need to use a "piggy-back technique" to wrap the hair fully. You may also opt to use large-sized spiral perming rods to wrap the hair. Whatever technique you choose, you will find that longer hair takes much more time to dry, so be sure to allow for the extra needs in your allotment of time.
Using a bonnet or hooded dryer is recommended to speed the drying process, but you can opt to let the hair dry naturally, as long as you can wait the required time. Even if you do decide to let the hair dry naturally, you may want to use a hair dryer to heat the hair and allow it to cool again before taking it down to give it that extra "setting" power from the heating and cooling process.
Once the hair is dry, carefully take down the curls and use a wide-tooth comb to soften the curls. Use the comb and your fingers to arrange the hair into the desired configuration. The finished result should be a cascade of soft, silky and shiny curls.
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