Olga Kurylenko's Auburn Hair

Olga Kurylenko wearing a high necked dress
Photo by PR Photos
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On March 27th 2015 Olga Kurylenko and co-star Russell Crowe hit the red carpet together for their latest film, The Water Diviner. Olga is looking as lovely as ever wearing a sleeveless high necked navy Mugler dress and matching Jimmy Choo heels at the photo call.
Olga, such a natural beauty as demonstrated by her monochromatic hair color and make up done in a lite and minimal fashion. Her staple make up pieces are just three products, a foundation, blush and mascara while she is sure to keep her lovely auburn hair color simplistic as it is void of any highlights or lowlights. Olga's hair length is just below her shoulders - the ideal length for lots of movement.
You too, can be a modest beauty, first begin by parting clean dry hair down the center. Apply a heat protectant serum while the curling wand heats up to the lowest setting. Next, take 2 inch vertical sections from ear to ear and wrap the hair around. The thinnest part of the wand will be pointed down, to the ends of the hair. Curl 2 inch section by 2 inch section and hair spray as you go. When finished, give a good shake and a generous amount of hair spray.
Olga Kurylenko - Sleeveless Mugler dress
Photo by PR Photos
Olga Kurylenko - Long hair with lots of movement
Photo by PR Photos
Olga Kurylenko with monochromatic auburn hair
Photo by PR Photos
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