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Re-Act by Raffel Pages

  • short hair with highlights
  • smooth short hair
  • glossy bob
  • ravishing hairstyle
  • flared out hair
  • beautiful long hair
  • one sides hair
  • semi updo
  • boyish cut
  • impeccable mens cut
  • rocker style
  • slicked mens hair
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React, be bold, make decisions and always be prepared. The latest hairstyles by Raffel Pages don't mess around. They send a clear message and have a fiery attitude under their mesmerizing metallic shine. The cuts have precise lines with special emphasis on framing the face with interesting fringes and accents on the sides.
Highlights are used sparingly and the colors are all from a brown, dark berry and dark blonde palette. Sleek, satiny surfaces have a beautiful sheen and the stylish finish to these modern and elegant looks is all about smoothness. Hairstyles for women come in all lengths and men can look forward to new design elements, that will liven up their short haircuts.
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