Re-Act by Raffel Pages

Sleek and satiny hairstyles
React, be bold, make decisions and always be prepared. The hairstyles by Raffel Pages don't mess around. They send a clear message and have a fiery attitude under their mesmerizing metallic shine.
The cuts have precise lines with special emphasis on framing the face with interesting fringes and accents on the sides. Highlights are used sparingly and the colors are all from a brown, dark berry and dark blonde palette.
Sleek, satiny surfaces have a beautiful sheen and the stylish finish to these modern and elegant looks is all about smoothness. Hairstyles for women come in all lengths and men can look forward to new design elements, that will liven up their short haircuts.

Short Hair with Highlights

Easy short hair with highlights
It is short and round and it shines. The magical highlights in and around the bangs capture light and reflect it in a golden tone, bringing depth into the short layers and also underlining the movement of the hair. It may be a simple cut, but with all of its fine details, it is a true fashion favorite.
It does not only look great on women, who love short hair, but it is easy to style and to maintain. The base color is a dark blonde with the lighter strands circling around a center in the back of her crown. The shine of the hair colors is so bright that it resembles spun gold. To offset the sporty and slightly demure nature of the cut, use a daring lipstick!

Glamorous Simplicity

Smooth short hair with a tight fit
Short hair with different tones of blonde and brown
Natural and refined, a hairstyle of classic elegance. The smooth hair follows the shape of her head in a tight fit, which is made possible with state-of-the-art hair styling products, like a smoothing serum. Her neck is graduated to comply with the theme and the edges are curved in to create a supple line that continues from one temple all around to the back.
The most outstanding feature of this short haircut, however, is the coloring. Tones of blonde, medium and dark brown were applied in strands of varied width and slightly resemble a tortoise shell pattern.

Big Curl Bob

Glossy bob with a balanced even shape
Fluffed up with big curls, this bob wants to be seen! A balanced, even shape with a gently textured fringe boasts the ultimate in luxurious movement around the sides and back.
The hair was separated into wide strands, each one curled with a hot iron to have a beautiful spring to it. The volume builds up immediately.
As a finish, an anti-frizz and shine spray are highly recommended to keep the surface smooth and glossy.

Over the Face Bangs

Hairstyle with medium long sides
A bold fringe is the signature element of this ravishing hairstyle. It starts low on one side and curves over her nose in one big curve, which merges with the medium long sides. One eye is fully covered. Talk about mystery! This allure is even deeper with the dark brown and black hair and its metallic shine.
The smaller side is simply tugged behind the ear. No gadgets or accessories are needed to flaunt extremely sexy elegance.

Sleek and Flared

Hairstyle with flared out sides
Bold and playful all in one. The top part of her stunning look has a tight fit and a geometric, controlled shape with the greatest shimmer. From the ears down the hair flares out to the sides with more casual, untamed lengths. Medium long and super cute, this haircut makes a statement.

Long Haired Beauty

Smooth long hair with thick bangs
Long haired beauty
The amazing shape makes eyes wander from top to bottom and back to take it all in. The first impression is of a timeless style of long haired luxury. At second glance more and more details like the thick bangs, their smooth and curved connection to the sleek and full sides, then the wisped out section and the wings with their straight, horizontal cutting line.
A truly sculptural look created out of dark brown hair with a hint of cherry. The amazing shine results from healthy hair, good nutrition, the best brushes and the rest comes out of bottles. Shine spray or smoothing serum will do wonders on your hair too!

One Sided Cascade

Long hair styled to one side
Her long bangs make her eyes stand out, but it is the super long cascade of wavy hair running down on one side that gets the most attention. A beautiful design with stylish asymmetry brings back memories of film goddesses of past decades.
Yes, you can wear a style like this in real life and you will be surprised about the compliments and wows you will get.
While the bangs are straight, there is incredible movement in the length. All of the hair is brought over to one side. If it is long enough, it will stay all by itself, for shorter hair there are always handy clips and pins.

Gloss and Charm

Not up nor down hairstyle
Not up nor down, this creation charms us with its well designed details and its simple, yet powerful shape. The back was put together to a ponytail without pulling the hair tight on the sides. A round, voluminous shape was kept, ever so sleek. The front is dominated by the straight bangs, which barely cover her eye brows.
Then there are, of course, the amazing long accent strands that flank her face on both sides with their semi transparent and textured beauty. Dark cherry brown is a beautiful natural and refined hair color, full of warmth and magic.

Boyish Layers

Men's haircut with a boyish touch
Brown men's hair with metallic highlights
This short men's haircut has some fancy in it. With longer upper hair, all cut in fine layers and the short sides, he can keep his head neat, but also show his personal style with all of the texture and the diagonal styling. The bangs are even longer than the rest and add up to a boyish touch in this handsome cut.
Another winner is the coloring of a brown base with metallic highlights that radiate a silvery shine. Wax is a good product to work through the hair and separate the strands.

Strict and Shiny

Impeccable hairstyle for men
It does not get any more clean cut than this. Impeccable from every follicle to the radiant, glossy shine, this men's hairstyle is bold and perfect. Control and design like this go so very well with the great new suits for men. Dare to be fashionable and even a bit retro.
His cut, while being very contemporary, still shows traces of men's cuts from the 30s and 40s of the last century. Smoothing lotion or a soft shine gel help with the slick surface and hold it all in place.

Rocker Hair Style

Men's hairstyle with short sides
Black men's hair that shimmers
Rocker style hair for men
Be demanding and live according to your own beat. With this hairstyle the stage is set for great adventures. He has thick hair that almost stands on its own when cut the right way. This smooth crop allows more length and volume on top, which is needed for this handsome mini quiff.
The sides are all short and clean with shaped sideburns. His color is a very dark, almost black brown which shimmers mysteriously wherever the shine gel touched it.

Stage Ready

Men's hair with sleek and slick sides
A little bit of theatrical makes the world more colorful and hairstyles like this are not only inspiring, but they carry the torch for artistic expression out on to the streets.
It takes a good amount of pomade or gel to get the sides this sleek and slick so that not even a trace of the layers can be seen. They do however make a stand on the top center in a wide strip.
Here the hair was directed from the back towards the front in unencumbered texture. Of course this dramatic style also comes enveloped in amazing shine.
Hairstyles: Raffel Pages