Pudre by Laetitia Guenaou

Summer hairstyles for short hair and updos
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The muses by Laetitia Guenaou invite themselves to a powdery atmosphere, all in lightness, evanescent and in motion. Pure and graphic, open to all possibilities, they magnify femininity.
The color is imprinted on the hair. By play of contrast, or more ethereal, in subtle undertones. Delicate layering, powdery/pink hued transparencies gently usher in a sense of the noble and of strength. The hair cutting lines are curved, tapered, with effects of blown feathers.
The volumes are built in an airy fullness. The effect is natural and the sophistication controlled. Held together in superimposed folded veils both fluid and elegant, they structure the juxtaposition of the contemporary and the Baroque, both of which coexist with pride.
Lip length bob with short bangs
Lip length bob - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Short bob with bangs
Short bob with bangs - Photo: Alex Czyba
Short hair with layers
Short hair with layers - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Layered short hairstyle
Layered short hairstyle - Photo: Alex Czyba
Updo with loose tendrils
Updo with loose tendrils - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Up-style with tendrils
Up-style with tendrils - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Updo for summer
Updo for summer - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Layered short hairstyle
Hair updo for summer days - Photo: Alex Czyba
Hair: Laetitia Guenaou
Make-up: Karolina Supernak
Stylist: Weronika Wysoczynska
Photography: Przemysław Choła & Alex Czyba
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