Sexy Double Twist

What you will need:
a. Hairspray
b. Bobby pins
c. Clips
d. Heat-protection produc
e. Tease-comb and regular comb
f.  Tail-comb
  • Tools and hair products to create a double twist
  • Updo with a double twist on a training head
  • How to make an up-style with a double twist

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1. Brush the hair of your model to the back of her head. This style is easier to do with someone who has a bit of a kink or some waves in their hair.
2. Make a side-part with your comb, and comb the hair to the side of your model’s face. Remember that the side-twist will be done on the side that the side-part is combed to. This hairstyle works best with a long fringe, or no fringe at all.
  • Brush the hair to the back of the head
  • Comb the hair to the side of the face
  • Secure the hair in the back with a clip
  • Twist the hair in a simple twist

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3. Use your tail-comb to make a section spanning from the side-part line, down to right behind the model’s ear. Take care to make this section-line neat, and secure the hair in the back section with a clip. Gently comb the hair that is hanging down to get rid of any knots.
4. Twist the hair that is hanging down in a simple twist. Twist this hair up to form a twisted bun, and secure it with a bobby pin. For dark hair use a black or brown bobby pin, for blonde hair, use a golden bobby pin. The goal is to disguise the bobby pins to the point that it is invisible. Take care to work as neatly as possible.
5. Note how the “fringe” area hangs slightly down the model’s face at the front. You’ll pull this section of hair down a bit lower at a later step. Also note that the style looks flat from the front. We’ll be teasing the hair to add height and correct the balance and silhouette of the style.
  • The fringe area hangs slightly down the face
  • Tease the hair with a tail comb
  • Comb the hair to get rid of knots
  • Comb the hair neatly

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6. Draw a section with your tail comb from temple to temple. Gently tease this section of hair. This teased section will be used at a later stage to add the height at the front of the style. For now, let this section hang forward.
7. Release the side-section that you will be twisting as well. Gently comb this section of hair out to get rid of any knots, but take cate not to disturb any of the surrounding sections. Use your hairspray to continually keep the hair tidy.
Neaten the hair to create a smooth surface 8. Now comb the hair from the opposite side, in the direction of the side where the double twist will be situated. The idea is to get this section of hair combed relatively neatly, without making it look too perfect. This hairstyle is relatively laid back, yet the construction of it is important for visual effect as well as structural stability.
It has to be done neatly and carefully, as to avoid the style collapsing or hair falling out of the bobby pins. Turn and twist the end part of this section of hair to form the second twist in this double twist style. Secure the hair with a well disguised bobby pin.
Comb the hair to the back 9. Gently comb back the teased section, as to smooth out the surface of this section without losing its structural support and volume. The trick is to start combing from the root area, working your way towards the ends. Use the combing part of your tease comb, as well as keeping the hairspray bottle ready to neaten the section when needed.
10. Neaten the overall style by using the end part of your teasing comb, and spraying all fly-away hair into place, creating a relatively smooth and even surface. You can also use a silicone based shine spray to complete the look. This will add that glamorous shine, as well as keeping humidity and moisture out, which could have a frizzing effect on the hair and ruin the look.