Lady Gaga Inspired Egyptian Up-Style

  • Lady Gaga inspired up-style on a training head
  • How to make an up-style inspired by Lady Gaga
  • Tools and hair products to create a Lady Gaga up-style

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What you will need:
a. Colored clip-in extensions
b. Tail-comb
c. Tease-comb and normal comb
d. Hairspray
e. Heat-protection product
f.  Flat iron
g. Bobby pins
h. Clips
1. Comb the hair of your model to the back, while keeping her fringe hanging to the front. Keep in mind that your model will have to have an eye-brow length fringe that has been tapered to the sides, and cut using a feather technique. Think of Lady Gaga’s trademark fringe, and you know you’re on the right track.
2. Comb the hair to the side with your normal comb. The goal here is to get the surface of the hair as smooth and seamless as possible. Keep your hairspray handy to smooth down any baby- airs and fly-aways sticking out.
Keep ample tension and control of the hair, as you comb the hair into the direction of the tension focus point situated in the palm of your hand.
  • Comb the hair to the back
  • Comb the hair to the side
  • Insert bobby pins
  • French roll hair styling procedure

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3. Insert bobby pins in a criss-cross technique, slightly off centre in relation to the middle of the model’s head. This is a structural strengthening characteristic of the universal French roll style. Use dark brown or black bobby pins for dark hair, and gold pins for blonde hair.
Take care not to compromise the surface smoothness while you’re inserting the pins. Use your tease comb and hairspray to smooth out any imperfections arising at this stage.
4. Twist and roll the length of the hair towards the direction where the bobby pins have been placed. Fold the hair neatly around your fingers in a roll-up fashion in order to achieve this. This is a standards French roll procedure, and may take some practice if you’re inexperienced in this style.
Don’t roll the top part of the French roll too tightly, as you’ll be taking out the ends of the hair in order to make curls at a later stage. Remember to take care in keeping the surface of the hair as smooth and seamless as possible, without compromising the structural stability.
French roll 5. Insert bobby pins in the fold between the curved angle of the roll and the curve of the model’s head. The goal is to disguise these pins as perfectly as possible, without disturbing the surface of the hair or compromising the structural stability of the French roll.
Again, this takes practice, so make sure that you have adequate tension control and finesse before attempting this hairstyle for an important event. Smooth down any imperfections produced in this stage of your up-style by using the end part of your tease comb and hairspray.
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