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The Art of Dressing Hair - Vol. 4 Limited Collection

A limited collection of hair ups from Davis Biton's "The Art of Dressing Hair" - Vol. 4, the step by step book presents 30 astonishing hair ups for all occasions from evening and bridal hair styles to summer parties, proms and more. Davis' techniques are simple and the steps are easy to follow.
  • side-swept updo
  • up-style with knots
  • half-up half-down hairdo
  • partial up-style
  • hairstyle with sausage curls
  • chic updo
  • up-style for medium length hair
  • up-style hairdo
  • up-style for younger women
  • hairstyle with coronet of hair
  • flowing curls
  • nape-gathered knot
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As a sampling of the hairstyles available in Mr. Biton's book, these styles should serve as reason enough to expect copies to fly off the shelves. There's something for everyone here - from the hip and trendy, to classic formal - and when you add that the books include instructions on creating these styles, it's a must have for any salon or even for those who just want some fresh styling ideas for their own hair.
Hair: Davis Biton
Photos: Ohad Romano