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Hair Up Collection

The international hairstylist Davis Biton, who specializes in hair ups and is the creator of the successful "The Art of Dressing Hair" - the step by step books with DVDs - and the "Hair Creation Gallery" books, presents his latest collection with looks inspired by ballroom hairstyles from the 20's, 40's and 60's.
  • hairstyle with woven braids
  • sleek chignon hairstyle
  • elegant up-do
  • up-styled hair with woven elements
  • updo with herringbone braids
  • sophisticated updo
  • hair up style for a shorter look
  • hairstyle to look like a princess
  • up do with pin curls
  • princess bride hairstyle
  • classic updo
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The collection showcases a wide range of techniques and styling elements used in traditional - and sometimes unique - ways. The looks are elegant, intricate and make a dramatic statement wherever you choose to wear them.
Different braiding techniques, curl types and methods of arranging the hair offer a wide variety of textures, and levels of volume. The inspiration of style archetypes from various decades offers you a range of looks that will guarantee that you find something you will enjoy.
Hair: Davis Biton
Photos: Ohad Romano