"Summer in Miami" by Tchip

Summer hairstyles with highlights and lowlights
This Tchip collection is all about pops of color, bouts of playfulness and buckets full of couture.
The stylists fused intense colors of clothing with flashing hues of highlights and lowlights, as well beautifully crafted angles and jutting crevices to create gaspingly stunning styles scattered among these images.
Prepare to have boundaries shattered with the vivid hair colors, innovative styles and mind boggling creativeness that basically drip from this insanely fun collection!

Versatile Medium Length Hair

Simple and versatile medium length hairstyle
Off-the-shoulder bob hairstyle
Bob hairstyle with slightly curved bangs
This is actually one of the most versatile yet exceptionally simple hairstyles around. The model’s hair has been cut into an off-the-shoulder bob with a relatively solid weightline.
To decrease the bulk and to create extra movement and texture, the stylist incorporated slight connected layers at the tips of the hair. The full and slightly curved bangs cover the model’s eyebrows, which add to the fun yet enigmatic aura of this look.
The model’s chocolate brown eyes are offset beautifully by the rich brunette color of her hair, as well as the subtle copper highlights scattered throughout the hair.

Short Layered Bob

Short layered bobs - Blonde hair
Short bob hairstyle with layers
This hairstyle is absolutely stunning!
The model’s short, layered bob has been colored with a warm, light honey blonde base. The warm blonde is highlighted with lighter pearl blonde highlights, alternated by copper and brunette lowlights. The color play of these hues are brilliant, as the different colors create the perfect medium to show off the cut’s silhouette, form and the way that the hair is styled.
The stylist fused connected and totally unconnected layers in such a way that the framework of this hairstyle is pure genius. This is, quite simply, a work of art!

Short Hair with Waves

Short length hairstyle with waves
This is actually the same model and haircut as the previous picture, but you’d never guess that it’s the same person!
Here, the model’s hair has been styled into subtle waves, as opposed to the sleek, structured style as the previous image. The waves offset the color play in this style beautifully, yet you’ll note that the wavy style makes the highlights and lowlights blend together much more seamlessly.
The stylist purposefully styled the hair to the front, so that the unequivocal focus of this hairstyle is the front/facial view. Note how well the short length compliments the model’s high cheekbones.

Hair that Curves Inwards

Short hair cut to point inwards
The fun, exuberant elements of this whole look work together seamlessly. The stylist chose a fiery, medium red base color, infused with lots of very slight light copper highlights. The product is a multi-dimensional color that looks like it’s on fire when the light bounces off of the hair in just the right angle.
The model’s bangs have been cut into a heavy concave curve with an almost solid weightline. The hairdresser cut the hair in an inwards-pointing, 45 degree downward angle to encourage the hair to curve inwards on its own. Also, lots of connected and not-connected layers have been used to perfect this super fun, short hairstyle.

Chic Short Hairstyle

Chic and modern short hairstyle
This is the same model and haircut as the previous image, but the overall looks are worlds apart. Here we see a foxily enchanting woman with a knife-sharp flair for everything chic and modern, in direct contrast to the abundantly playful, almost eccentric look of the previous image.
The stylist styled the model’s fiery short tresses in such a way as to showcase the previously hidden pixie style elements of this cut. The non-connected layers stand out in sharp relief thanks to the sleeker style, while the copper highlights show off the movement and texture of the cut flawlessly.

Short Hair with Finger Waves

Short hairstyle with finger waves
Once again the same model and haircut, yet this seems like a whole different woman. For this shoot the stylist incorporated finger waves to achieve a red-hot flash of old-school glam. The model’s wet hair was sleeked down with styling gel, and masterfully formed into curved finger waves.
After drying the finger waves under the dryer, the waves were gently combed out with a boar-bristle brush, and styled to emulate the licking flames of a fire.
Here we can clearly see the distinctly varying lengths of the longer, textured top in contrast with the super structured short back and sides.

High Bun Hairdo

High bun hairdo
This is one of the most conventionally favourite hairstyles of all time. From top style bloggers to executive types and stay-at-home moms, the high bun is a winner all around.
The model’s naturally dark hair has been highlighted with light, copper brown highlights. The highlights have a youthful, warm effect on the model’s face, while maximising the color play of any light source that comes into contact with the glossy surface of her hair.
The hair has been sleeked back from her face with the help of styling gel, and tied into a tight ponytail. From there the stylist “rolled” the hair down to create a slightly dishevelled sock-bun style.
Hairstyles: Tchip