"Milano Amore Mio" by VOG Coiffure

Hair inspired by Milano Italy fashion
The VOG Coiffure team relied heavily on the historically rich and super chic environment of Italy to serve as a muse for this collection of styles and colors.
With a mouth-watering color ranging from flashes of reds to cooler tones of multidimensional blondes, you’ll be itching to be part of the action in Milan, or at the very least hustling down to your stylist for a well deserved color or cut overhaul. Enjoy!

Feathery Pixie Cut

Feathery pixie cut
Here we have a beautifully constructed pixie cut that’s been styled in such a manner as to showcase the framework of the style from every angle possible. The model’s hair has been cut into a long fringed pixie style with very short sides and back.
The stylist relied heavily on thinning shears and a razor to achieve the super textured and feathery look of the cut. The model’s long fringe has been styled into upwards facing flicks and curves.

Pixie Cut with Sleek Styling

Pixie cut with sleek styling
Here we have a more sleek and toned-down version of the pixie cut. The model’s fringe is the unequivocal focus point of this hairstyle, with the structured, slightly asymmetrical angle of the bangs conducting all attention to the front of the style.
The sides of the cut have been thinned out with thinning shears to soften the edges of this short style, while also incorporating a sense of femininity. The longer top section is structured with the use of connected layers and complementing angles.
Great care has also been taken to soften the curve between the contrasting lengths of the very short sides and back in contrast with the longer hair on top.

Layers and Long Waves

Long hairstyle with layers and waves
Long waves never go out of style, especially when coupled with these lit hues of fiery red and light copper.
The model’s tresses have been cut into long connected layers, which have been thinned out along the tips with thinning shears. The weight line of this haircut is feathery and soft, with little bulk and lots of movement.
The stylist chose a heavy comb over style to create a seamless backdrop from which to showcase the play in length, color dimension and movement among the layers of the style.
The stylist cut the tips of the hair in an inwards, 45 degree angle as to encourage the tips of the hair to curl and furl at the ends.

Solid Bangs

Long hairstyle with thick and solid bangs
Here the stylists elected to make the most of the model’s long glossy hair by straightening her thick tresses, and adding a fan from a side angle for this shoot.
The weight line of her bangs is exceptionally thick and solid, but in this case it works perfectly as the model’s hair is naturally thick and dense.
The thinned out tips of the hair as well as the connected layers keep the style from being bulky or heavy, while the warm base of light chestnut brown has been sprinkled with shimmery streaks of copper-blonde highlights.

Glamorous Ponytail

Hairstyle with a glamorous low-slung ponytail
This is glamour at its pure unadulterated best.
The model’s long, very slightly layered hair has been curled along the tips with a curling iron beforehand. The stylist gently combed the curls out as to be able to form it into slight waves along the tips of the hair.
Thin sections of hair taken from the sides of the face have been combed to the back and criss-crossed as to encircle the body of hair at the back. The criss-crossed sections have been pinned securely to hold the mass of hair in place in a glamorous low-slung ponytail.

Mid-length Bob with Layers

Mid-length bob with layers
Here we have a simple yet stunning mid-length bob that’s been layered slightly along the tips for maximum movement while losing minimum length or thickness. The stylist elected to showcase the style’s versatility by using wavy curls that have been ruffled gently to enhance the beautifully dishevelled look of this hairstyle.
The tips of the hair have been curled with a curling iron to glam up the overall look. You’ll see that the colorists incorporated an ombré, with the model’s natural roots coming through on top of the style, with her tips colored to a light pearly-blonde.

Long Blonde Bob with Volume

Long blonde bob with volume
This is once again the same model with the same cut, yet the looks vary wildly. Here the woman’s hair has been curled with a large-barrel curling tong.
The curls have subsequently been meticulously combed out so that only the volume and slight curves along the mid-lengths-to-tips of the hair are left behind.
The stylist combed his/her fingertips through the voluminous depths of hair as to slightly dishevel the style, as if the model just came back from a walk on a windy beach. The bangs are cut into a slightly asymmetrical curve, enhanced by the side combed style.
Hairstyles: VOG Coiffure Artistic Team
Make-up: Vesna Peborde
Photography: Michel Perez