Chiaroscuro by Laetitia Guenaou

Hair 2023 - Chiaroscuro
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Through her fall/winter 2022/2023 hair collection, Laetitia Guenaou created hairstyles to pay tribute to Rembrandt, a painter she admires for his work of light and shadow.
Her collection emphasizes the play of colors in trompe l’oeil and the tones create illusions, inviting one to pure expression of imagination... The palette of tones is soft and subtle. The clair-obscure effect in space gives the volumes more relief, depth...
Laetitia is more interested in the emotion aroused by a hairstyles collection than in the precision of the form. Each image tells a story and we can read it in the depth of the gaze of the woman who composes it.
The tones of brown, bronze ochres, honey blonde or cold pearly blonde, combine in glazes to marry the reliefs of chiaroscuro (the use of contrast between light and dark). The hair is not only colored but worked, modeled, almost sculpted. Square cuts, a short hairstyle, a revisited shag cut, the eternal long hair tied in flexibility, a subtle blend of baroque and contemporary.
Laetitia Guenaou entered and imagined the inner world, the precise moment of the emotions of each of her muses, captured by the lens of this moment and highlighted, to immortalize it. The synthetic spirit of the composition of the image is like a painting, which is also adorned with clair-obscure effects.
Laetitia invites us to immerse ourselves in the unfinished part of each painting: make your imagination take flight… And now it belongs to you...
She wishes us all a wonderful trip…
Short shag cut for blonde hair
Shag haircut - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Blonde shag haircut
Shag cut with bangs - Photo: Alex Czyba
Long wavy bob
Long bob - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Long bob for wavy hair
Long bob for wavy hair- Photo: Alex Czyba
Cut for shoulder-length hair
Shoulder-length hair - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Layered medium length hair style
Layered medium length hair - Photo: Alex Czyb
Tied up long hair
Tied up long hair - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Semi updo for long hair
Semi updo for long hair - Photo: Alex Czyb
Hair: Laetitia Guenaou
Make-up: Karolina Supernak
Stylist: Weronika Wysoczynska
Photography: Przemysław Choła & Alex Czyba
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