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"Chelsea Rock" by Mod's Hair

Warmer times are just around the corner and the latest collection by Mod's Hair reflects the wild, colorful, daring and just uplifting spirit of spring and summer with four new hairstyles. There is one cut for the most popular lengths from short to medium, over the shoulder and really long.
  • medium hairstyle with a wild nature
  • short shag haircut
  • casual long hairstyle
  • Mohawk shape updo
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These rocking styles come with a memory of 80s rock ballad manes and much flexibility in styling. Each one of them can easily be dressed up or down. Hair colors are in the natural realm, but show fine tonal differences to create a delicate play of light and shadow. Finesse with a wild side, the must have for the new season!
Hairstyles: Mod's Hair
Hair: Olivier de Vriendt
Make-up: Benoit Guinot
Photography: Guillaume BĂ©rard