• Collar snipping haircut
  • Collar length hair
  • Short hair with snips around the nape
  • Hair resting upon the collar

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Photo 1 + 2: The artist looked back at his work and shouted "magnificent!" So it is, with the collar snipping cut that blends in with the longer layers on the sides. Shades of beige and light brown colors become obviously noticeable with the lines that descend from the side part. This lighthearted coiffure that deserves applause can be practiced with gel or lotion and a large round curling iron.
Photo 3: The effervescent lady had bright red hair and was the life of the party! Of course she was, because her hair was in choppy layers shaped in snips around the nape and amusing pieces along the frame of her face. The detailed pouf in the crown introduces the details of bright red, then gold red and back to red again. Use gel, spray and gloss.
Photo 4: The picture of soft beige blonde hair in thick lines of layers make note of the stylish coiffure around the models face. The hair rests upon the collar in a short simple bulk and touches below her brows. Lightly spray thermo styling lotion and spritz gloss when you are finished.
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Photographs: ©Intercoiffure Mondial