Blondes Attitudes by DESSANGE

Blonde hairstyles
Dessange is the name for luxurious hairstyles with their signature done-undone look, also known as bedhead hair and the most beautiful shades of blonde. With this collection comes a new interpretation of what has made the brand so successful and we could not be happier.
Vamped up classic looks with attitude galore from strand to strand. All exude effortless elegance and modern chic. This collection covers looks for a variety of personalities and lifestyles with weightless waves, windswept and natural looks to controlled and strongly styled tresses.
Women of all ages can find themselves in the wearable, legendary looks made in Paris.

Legendary Wave

Long blonde hair with darker roots
The unbeatable attraction of long hair is evident in this over the shoulder layered style with a part just a tad off center and large waves framing the face. Underneath those wing shaped eye catchers are smaller, playful waves all in a mussed and free spirited texture.
The roots of the hair are darker and that shadow flares out several inches until it smoothly transitions into the diamond blonde color that makes her skin glow. This trick gives the hair a very natural and sun bleached appearance.

French Twist

Blonde hair pinned into a French twist
The new upstyles are softer than their classic predecessors and this also applies to the famous French Twist, also called a banana roll. We remember them as tighter and stricter, but the rolled and pinned hair of this evergreen style is now much softer and seems to take itself less serious, but not an ounce of stylishness is sacrificed. Quite the opposite.
With the luxurious volume, the mock undone texture to the breathtaking upward movement and a balancing, center parted and side swept fringe, this classic is reborn and invigorated for a new generation of women.

Classic Medium Length

Versatile and sporty medium length blonde hairstyle
This highly versatile medium length look has a sporty attitude and an irresistible swing in all of the layers that surround her face. A low set side fringe is the center and sweeps over to connect with the tapered sides.
The long section on the smaller side follows the same movement with an enchanting curve that touches her chin. Use a round brush for the motion and a curling iron to give the tips an extra impact. Again the roots are darker to enhance the natural feel of this hairstyle.

Medium Length with Large Curls

Above the collar hairstyle with blonde curls
A classic in every way and now in a new modern just above the collar length. The ideal step between long and short with all of the advantages and femininity of a long style, but the ease of wear and handling of shorter hair. It can be worn up or down and converts easily to a range of styles. But this curly wonder is perhaps the most alluring of them all.
Blonde curls of large size play along the sides of her face, every now and then a strand falls over her eyes. Movement and controlled volume give it energy. The top part is smooth all around and the curls start at the level of her mouth, which gives this hairstyle a most flattering silhouette.

The New Retro

Medium hairstyle with lifted hair and retro accents
A most intriguing play on retro accents and a classic line together with contrasts of volume and color. Only the front part of the hair is lifted and rolled to a voluminous retro quiff. The ends are tugged in an fastened invisibly.
The back hair falls softly towards her shoulders where it curls in to a smooth and round finish. A few strands disrupt the tidy appearance and the strands that are tugged behind the ear also increase the effect of casual but refined.

Sleek Professional Look

Short and easy to style professional hairstyle for blonde hair
A polished short cut will help you climb that career ladder in style. More than a good first impression, this modern and classy hairstyle is so easy to style and looks sharp with every outfit.
The asymmetrical fringe ends with a sexy curve around her eye and was inspired by the iconic look of the 60s supermodel Twiggy. The hair has a uniform platinum blonde color with just a hint of shading along its roots. The sides are cut with a clear line and forward plunging angle at mid level of the ear.

Easy Going Pixie

Easy to wear blonde pixie with layers
Sophistication does not have to be all elaborate and complicated. This easy going pixie will fill all your wishes for an easy to wear short cut and for iconic style. It has a feisty and vivacious attitude and the styling is modern with a nod to retro looks from the 1960s.
The short layers were directed to the front, especially on top where most of the volume sits. The sides follow the shape of her face and flare out at the tips ever so slightly. It is the fringe that gets the prize with a horizontal movement that showcases her eyes.

Androgynous Short Haircut

Blonde feminine haircut with short sides and top volume
Another version of the chic short cut featured earlier is this androgynous look with much texture and even more movement.
While the cut is classic and follows the basic construction of a masculine cut with short sides and a longer top, the styling brings out the feminine aspects of it with much volume and an enormous dynamic of motion all around.
Photography: Nicolas Valois