Short Hairstyles of the Stars (7)

Do you think that short hairstyles are boring and unappealing? Take a look at these stunning short hairstyles sported by female stars and then think again! These celebrities prove the beauty and versatility of short hair. Are you brave enough to go short? Make your choice and show your inspiration photo next time you are getting your hair cut.
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  • Kate Mara sporting a soft razor cut bob hairstyle
  • Kaley Cuoco rocking a pixie cut with tapered sides and neck section
  • Meredith Monroe's classic short bob hairstyle with layers
  • Mia Wasikowska's shaggy pixie cut with lots of layers
  • Lena Dunham wearing her hair short and colored green
  • Brittany Daniel with a sporty short bob haircut
  • Brittany Murphy wearing her hair in a fake pixie
  • Carla Cugino side-parted blunt bob with smooth styling
  • Christina Applegate's classic one length bob with blunt edges
  • Hayden Panettiere with short hair that was cut in a steep angle
  • Christina Applegate wearing her hair short in a bob at chin length
  • Christina Ricci's short face-hugging bob with textured ends
  • Christina Ricci's short ear lobe level bob with textured bangs
  • Clothilde Hesme sporting a shag haircut with razor cut ends
  • Halle Berry wearing her short hair with the tips curved outward
  • Cynthia Nixon with short red hair with layers
  • Christina Ricci sporting a longer than chin length bob
  • Dana Delany's rejuvenating bob hairstyle with bangs
  • Debbie Harry wearing her hair short in a chin length bob
  • Halle Berry with very short hair and styling for shine
  • Dorothy Hamill's short hairstyle with bangs
  • Elise Neal wearing her hair in a collar length bob
  • Elizabeth Banks wearing a smooth above the collar bob
  • Eva Longoria with her short hair cut in a top of the collar bob
  • Brittany Daniel's very short hair with shaved back and sides
  • Faith Hill with short bleached blonde hair
  • Faith Hill sporting a bob with tapered sides
  • Felicity Huffman wearing her hair short in an above chin length bob
  • Geena Davis with short and layered curly hair
  • more short celebrity hairstyles

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