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Very Short Boyish Haircut

Brittany Daniel's smiling personality races across the scene with her high lift hairstyle with the sides and back clipped up tight. And, she wore this spiffy look at the BET's "The Game" and "Let's Stay Together" Premiere on January 06, 2011.
There aren't too many people who have the hoop spa to wear their hair so very short and severe and crazy. Usually those who do are extroverts, bold and aren't afraid to try something new. They are fun people to be around.
So consider your personality before you get a very short haircut like Brittany's and if you do decide to try this haircut with a little trepidation, then ask yourself if you have the patience to wait for it to grow out too.
Brittany Daniel - Very short hairstyle with an air of femininity Brittany Daniel with very short clipper cut hair
Brittany has a beautifully shaped oval face with medium/light olive skin with perfected brows, heavy eyeliner, lashes and mascara. There is bronzing and blush around her features and a transparent whitish lip color. Her diamond post earrings and thin necklace place an air of femininity to her boyish cut.
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