Easy Short Bob Hairstyle

Diane Sawyer - Short and just below the ears bob
Photo by PR Photos
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ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer attended a special event. Diane has been admired by many for her brave loyalty, bold compassion, and physical beauty over the years.
A true natural blonde, Diane has only had to lift her hair about one level to achieve everyone's dream of being a "natural light blonde." Diane keeps her hair in a short bob that rests just below her ears with light strands of darker blonde that line up around her hairstyle. Her hairstyle would be easy for you to care for and is good for any age, dress, or occasion.
Diane uses a warm hue for her facial tone and has defined eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, and a medium pink lip color. I can see our celebrity with just a little bit more thickened brows and a darker rose lip color.
In the main photo, she is wearing the safety of a black dress. I would dress our girl in a dark sea green/blue color.
Hairstyle for women aged over 60 - Diane Sawyer
Photo by PR Photos
Easy to care for short hairstyle - Diane Sawyer
Photo by PR Photos
Diane Sawyer hair
Photo by PR Photos
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