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Hair Bobbed above the Collar

Elizabeth Banks gives us an updated picture of her latest short hairstyle. With the back bobbed above the collar, the stylist has given her round smooth lines that roll under and measure about halfway between her mouth and her chin line. The top brings a large section that cuts down midway over one part of her eye.
The easiest way for you to style this image for yourself is to dig out all those conventional rollers, or you can use hot rollers. Roll your hair in horizontal positions in a checkerboard fashion, all going under.
Brush your hair when dry, back brush if you need to and use the brush to smooth over the top of the hair and spray with gloss. Her long jeweled earrings accessorize her stone studded red dress and give a nice touch.
Elizabeth Banks - Short hairstyle with smooth round lines Elizabeth Banks latest short hairstyle Side view of Elizabeth Banks bob hairstyle Elizabeth Banks wearing a red dress with shiny sequins
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