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Kris Jenner's Pixie

Kris Jenner wearing her hair short in a pixie
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Kris Jenner hosted a mother's day event at Eve Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 08, 2010. She wears her hair in a short style with sexy dynamite bangs that fringe over on one side and a heavier take upon her eyebrow upon the other side. Her sides are clipped over her ears to expose her large round earrings and her back is edged and cuffed along the nape, not too short but left with just a little bit of length.
Kris' hairstyle gives her the wonderful option to look good with whatever she decides to wear, whether it would be of an expensive taste or an old sack dress. Kris will always look neat and very eye-catching at the same time. Everything depends upon the right cut for the right person. Her sideburns end a few notches below her ears and if you position your comb on an angle from the top of her ear, you will see how the haircut lines up with the end of her mouth and note her lovely high cheek bones in the process.
Kris is probably a "winter type" on the color wheel, as she looks quite striking in the white she is wearing. Her hairstyle is a quick fix that shouts easy! In fact, you can blow it dry and work it out with your hands. A little spritz of gloss and maybe spray and you are set to go.
Kris leans more toward bronzing than a blush. She appears to be in the middle of a medium complexion and olive. Heavy natural eyebrows show off her pizzazz with a dark shadow upon her eyelids. There is eyeliner, lashes and mascara for her eyes and the bronzing for skin color and a light flesh coral gloss for her lips.
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