Carey Mulligan's Short Bob

Carey Mulligan with her hair cut in a short bob
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Carey Mulligan graced the 19th Annual BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards, wearing her bob hairstyle tucked behind her ears.
Her sharp-edged short haircut was striking, adorned with colorful panels of gold, reds, and light browns, complementing her overall blonde color.
Tip: Bob haircuts are convenient and easy to maintain, but if your facial structure doesn't suit one, consider opting for casual curls instead. If your hair is naturally straight, try a bob with a slight angle along the sides or add a soft fringe for a more flattering look around your face.
Carey effortlessly complements her light skin tones by keeping her makeup simple, accentuating her natural eyebrows and opting for a light smoky green eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. A subtle rosy hue on her lips adds a touch of warmth. With one glance, it's evident that Carey's color palette revolves around blonde hair, pink-toned skin, a white dress, with a hint of black.
Easy to take care of bob hairstyle - Carey Mulligan
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Carey Mulligan with her hair cut in a bob and wearing a black skirt
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Top view of Carey Mulligan's bob hairstyle
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