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Blousing Short Hairstyle

Emily Bergl's profile gives us a hint of her sweet personality at the QVC Red Carpet Style Party at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, California on February 25th, 2011. Her hairstyle is midway upon her neck and tussled in large jumbled curls that blouse in the crown and draw together upon her neck.
The sides have a wisp of straightness that leads to the scattered curls in the back. Her top comes over into effortless bangs that are placed just above her brows. To secure this hairstyle for your own, use medium to large conventional rollers and brush vigorously when dry. Shake and spritz with spray lightly when done.
Note: Emily's hair color is a golden blonde that doesn't compete with her light skin tone. This is basically saying, "my hair is gold and my skin is white." Rather than having a platinum hair coloring with a white, white skin tone, as when that happens they seem to run together.
Emily also breaks the ice with a fiery red lip color that is attended with her light smoky eye shadow. Light warm brows, eyeliner, lashes and blush all add toward the charm of her essence.
Emily Bergl - Short tussled hairstyle for blonde hair Emily Bergl - Midway upon the neck hairstyle with curls
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