Eva Longoria's Short Bob

Eva Longoria with her hair cut into a professional short bob
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Eva Longoria is wearing her hair combed over to one side and cut into a short bob that tips the top of her collar. The bangs are kept long to ride upon her eyebrow in a small rise that falls into a gentle swoop. The different sheets of hair color bring a three dimensional appearance with the darker brown that is in between the lighter shades.
Use your thermo styling gel and a large round or flat brush that will come in handy when you begin to blow your hair. Always begin underneath the bottom of the hair. Although, you may not be able to have the foiling done at this time, it is imperative to begin your new look with a professional haircut.
Communicate with your hairstylist so that she knows what you are expecting in your new haircut. Do everything you can to relate to your stylist. Bring snap shots or pictures of hairstyles and this will help give them insight.
Eva has lovely sharp clear brown eyes and makes the most of them with light shadow on the upper lids and dark outlines on the top and along the bottom. There are light flecks of fillers on her brows that happen to be a tad lighter than her hair or the darkness of her eyes. Viva La Difference!
Eva Longoria with her hair in a collar-tipping bob
Photo by PR Photos
Eva Longoria wearing her hair in a short bob
Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
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