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Rainbow Room International

  • curly hair for men
  • shaved sides haircut
  • neat men's hairstyle
  • short haircut and stubble beard
  • styled unstyled men's hair
  • male hair styled with pomade
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Scotland's Rainbow Room is a creative hub when it comes to innovative, inspired hairstyles. Hair artists Jason McPhee and Gordon Ritchie set out to create a brand new line for men, that is based on traditional ideas, which were then taken to our day and age, made wearable and exceptionally dapper.
The inspiration came from decades back and the popularity of television shows like Mad Men and the new interest in hairstyles from the 1950s, 1960s and even the 1940s.
Shaven sides and long top hair dominate the collection and with it a lot of fun things to do with this longer hair on the crown. The photos are taken in black and white to underline the vintage flair and to tell us that this season the hair color is secondary for men. What counts is the perfect cut and the skilled styling.
Hair: Jason MacPhee & Gordon Ritchie, Rainbow Room International
Make-up: Jak Morgan
Styling: Marc Elrick
Photography: McInnes