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Vintage inspired hairstyles for men
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Scotland's Rainbow Room is a creative hub when it comes to innovative, inspired hairstyles. Hair artists Jason McPhee and Gordon Ritchie set out to create a brand-new line for men, that is based on traditional ideas, which were then taken to our day and age, made wearable and exceptionally dapper.
The inspiration came from decades back and the popularity of television shows like Mad Men and the new interest in hairstyles from the 1950s, 1960s and even the 1940s.
Shaven sides and long top hair dominate the collection and with it a lot of fun things to do with this longer hair on the crown. The photos are taken in black and white to underline the vintage flair and to tell us that this season the hair color is secondary for men. What counts is the perfect cut and the skilled styling.

Curly Hair for Men

Haircut for men with curly hair
If you have a natural curl in your hair, don't try to hide it. Instead get a great cut that controls the abundance and gives it a neat and manageable shape. Here the sides and back are a bit shorter than the full volume top. This keeps the silhouette trendy with a topheavy contour and a pronounced forehead.
A small section in the front shimmers in a color that is a few steps lighter than the base color. If this cool effect does not occur naturally, there is much help out there in the hair product shelves.

Shaved Sides with Quiff

Shaved sides haircut for men with curls
The vintage inspired men's haircut is pushed to the extreme with an exaggerated quiff hovering in front and sides so short that the scalp shows through.
His naturally curly hair gradually increases in length from the back to the front, where it just explodes in a tuft of lively curls. The rest of the hairstyle is all about control and practical, cool short hair.

Neat and Nifty Hairstyle

Neat men's hairstyle with short shaven sides
Male haircut with stubble short sides
It does not get any trendier. He hits it right on the spot with his super short shaven sides and the top hair long enough to be creative with. Graduated sections, layering and texture are all used to generate this visually interesting combination of surfaces from stubble short to smooth, wrap around a finger long.
To help along with directing the hair from the back to the front and then, with a lot of lift, from one side to the other he used a fine gel, but pomade or wax are also great products to realize these modern hairstyles.

Classy with a Stubble

Short clipper cut hair and a stubble beard
Stubble beard
So short that it tingles to run a hand through, a classy men's haircut with a modern edge is the Hairgod's answer to the prayers of millions of women.
With a few style elements of the mid last century, his short clipped hairdo has a small, elegant quiff and on the sides it transitions smoothly into his well-groomed shadow of a stubbly beard. Note the skilled play with lengths and textures that sets the sideburns apart from the facial hair.

Styled and Unstyled

Styled unstyled men's hair look
His short hairstyle switches from classy neat looks to a bit more daring, ruffled textures. His hair is thick and healthy and in the best scenario has a touch of a natural wave in it to facilitate the hold and movement of some styling variations.
This specific one makes use of the extended length on top where the hair is pushed in all directions, first from the back to the front and then left and right, over and under to create this fun, churning surface that stands in a dynamic contrast to the obedient and well controlled sides.

Combed in Pomade

Short male hair styled with pomade
Hair so short that it won't touch the collar of his shirt (yes, shirts and dressy jackets are back too!) but with so much length on top that he can comb a handsome wave into his deep side fringe.
The pomade that is worked into the hair before it is combed to the exact shape that he wants, is much lighter today than in the early years when hairstyles like this were ubiquitous.
Wax and the state of the art hair gels work very well too and once treated there is no limit to the amount of adorable stylings.
Hair: Jason MacPhee & Gordon Ritchie, Rainbow Room International
Make-up: Jak Morgan
Styling: Marc Elrick
Photography: McInnes
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