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Men's hairstyles
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Bold, sexy and daring aren't words that are typically bandied about when it comes to men's hairstyles, but Ashley Gamble at Royston Blythe appears set to change that trend.
The stylist from the Wolverhampton salon brings us this set of men's styles that are a study in texture, shape and styling techniques. From highly structured and carefully crafted looks, to soft, organic styling maximizing the natural elements in the hair, these styles offer a gateway to a new era in men's hair.

Disarmingly Boyish

Boyish men's hairstyle with the nape section left longer
"Disarmingly boyish" is one way to describe the hairstyle shown here. The fully layered look is cut using a razor tool on wavy hair and creates a very fine-textured hairstyle. The lengths are varied only slightly, with the middle range length in the top and crown sections of the head and a tapering along the sides. The nape section is left longest, but not so long that it creates a "mullet" effect (or at least not a classic one).
Using a blow-dryer and round brush with a wax-based styling product, the hair is styled to curve inward at the top and sides and flipped outward along the rear portions of the head. The hair is styled to a "mostly dry" state, allowing the hair to retain a glossy, damp look. Use a smoothing serum on the fingers, the hair is given added definition in the strands and extra shine.

Modern Men's Hairstyle

Modern men's hairstyle with razor-cut texturing and a long fringe
Beginning with what is traditionally referred to as a "devil-lock", this style takes the modern twist by adding razor-cut texturing to create a sleek finish to the layered hair. As with the traditional "devil-lock", the fringe is exceptionally long, draping below the nose and in this incarnation has an angled cutting line and is point-cut to create a tapered effect.
The sides are tapered nearly to the scalp, and the nape section is over-directed to create exceptional layering and razor textured to form a wispy finish. The hair should be blow-dried straight with a wax-based product to retain malleability.

Multi-Tonal Blonde

Shag haircut in a multi-tonal blonde for men
A rich, multi-tonal blonde that progresses from dark blonde to pale beige seamlessly forms the palette for the shag style cut seen here. The layering is razor-cut creating a soft-edged version of the mop-top look.
The hair is blow-dried with a flat brush for emphasis on straightness and parted on the deep left side with a short parting line and a clockwise radial direction. This draws the fringe across the forehead and allows the sides to brush the cheeks. A dab of smoothing serum spread across the fingers to smooth the hair and define the locks as desired.

Spiraling Curls

Long men's hairstyle with spiraling curls
This is a look that takes ample advantage of the natural curl. The basic cut is circular and the lengths are kept longer than tradition might expect. The fringe is nearly nose-length and tapers at the sides to blend to the side lengths.
Styling involves a diffused blow dryer and scrunching with the fingers to create an array of spiraling curls. An additional dab of smoothing serum will help to create definition in the curl and the hair should be fluffed out with the fingers.
Hair: Ashley Gamble at Royston Blythe, Wolverhampton
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Grooming: Justine Collins
Photography: Richard Miles
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