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Modern hair for men
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In French, the word "Noir" means "Black." At Hair Machine in Adelaide, Australia, "Noir" is a keyword that symbolizes the essence of what women traditionally look for in a man: "Tall, DARK, and Handsome."
This collection of modern men's hairstyles features all the elements currently popular among today's trendiest and hottest stars and personalities: shaggy layers, lift, volume, and geometric shape.
Regardless of the young man or his business, there is likely to be a look for him here, though our older traditionalists may want to keep looking.

Tough Guy Look

Hair for a tough guy look
This is one tough-guy look that brings to mind many of the 1970s screen stars of the B-movie era. With short, shaggy layers, this cut has a deep fringe with a side-swept finish. The perimeter follows a ragged line with an extended fringe that drops below the ears and to the collar and beyond in the back.
The hair is styled with a blow-dry and round brush with a texturing product and the ends are turned outward and directed up and forward at the top and crown. The hair color is - of course - dark, with some subtle highlighting to add dimension and depth to the look. This is a hairstyle that has cycled through the public consciousness often over the decades.

Short Hairstyle with Height

Short hairstyle for men with a round or short face
Height is the key here. The super-short hairstyle features a more traditional perimeter cut (short back and sides following the traditional men's cut lines) with clipper-smooth layers.
The top and crown sections, however, are cut into an elongated circle shape, creating an oval at the top of the head from which this high-volume shape is styled. The hair color is a deep tone with glossing additives for light reflection.
To style the look, use a blow dryer with a round brush and volume-enhancing product. The focus here is on height, making this a great choice for men with a round or short face.

Choppy Look for Men

Short and choppy men's haircut with volume
Here's another of the "shaggy" looks that has resurfaced in popularity. The short layered cut is textured for a choppy look and styled for volume. The likeliest styling method is blow-drying with a round brush to direct the hair out and forward and to add a curve and bend to the style.
The fringe is directed as a portion of the top with an out-turned edge above the eyes. Volume is the focus of this style as the hair is shaped into a series of overlapping elliptical masses. The hair color is a rich, dark brown that derives much of its depth from the reflection of light off the surface of the cuticle.

Super-Cropped Fringe

Mod haircut with a very short fringe for men
The Mod cut is back in force with this shaggy, short-layered cut featuring a super-cropped fringe that follows a horseshoe curve from ear to ear. The body of the hair is blow-dried with a round brush to direct the hair forward while the choppy layering gives some visual interest to soften the hard edge of the fringe.
The short fringe opens up the face dramatically, bringing all focus squarely to the eyes and brow zone. This style would work well with mildly wavy and moderately curly hair types and can be modified for straight types with a little product and extra styling.

Modern Wearable Men's Hairstyle

Modern wearable men's hairstyle with smooth styling
Simple, stylish, and good-looking are the best words to describe this addition to the shag repertoire. Long-layered cutting gives a smooth look to the interior, while the perimeter follows closely around the eyes, contours the cheek, and angles down to the nape area.
The styling involves blowing the hair smooth with a flat brush and applying texturing product to give the hair added definition. The ends along the perimeter are gently under-curved, and the style is worn with no definitive parting evident.
This is a look ideally suited for any normal to long face types and would be wearable in most social and work-related situations.

High-Energy Haircut

Mid-ear cut for men with naturally curly hair
High-energy and high-impact are great descriptors for this naturally curly style for men. The cut features even layering to distribute the hair's bulk in a balanced manner. The fringe area is cut to mid-brow in a curved line, while the perimeter adheres to traditional patterns, with lengths falling to mid-ear and low on the neck.
Styling involves using a diffused dryer and fingers (or a pick) to lift and fluff the curls into the desired arrangement. A light styling product helps maintain moisture and shine in the hair, while a dab of pomade sharpens the tips of the curls and adds definition.
Hairstyles: Hair Machine, Adelaide, Australia
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