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"Noir" Collection

In French, the word "Noir" means "Black". At Hair Machine in Adelaide, Australia, "Noir" is a keyword that symbolizes the essence of what women are all traditionally looking for in a man: "Tall, DARK, and Handsome".
  • tough guy hairstyle
  • haircut for a round or short face
  • choppy haircut for men
  • mod haircut for men
  • wearable haircut
  • hairstyle for curly hair
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This collection of modern men's hairstyles features all the elements currently popular among today's trendiest and hottest stars and personalities - shaggy layers, lift and volume and geometric shape.
Regardless of the young man or his business, there is likely to be a look for him here, though our older traditionalists will want to keep looking.
Hairstyles: Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia
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