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Masculine hair
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Kinetic by Samantha Dalakian focuses on a natural, masculine look with a hint of excitement and intrigue. Hairlines and fringes are strong and bold while the color is cool and powerful. Inspired by a childlike state of being and the exhilaration of sport, Kinetic depicts all men as individuals, allowing them to express their true energy towards life.
They show life as fun and that it's there to be lived with unbounded confidence, energy and playfulness. Strong, masculine, cool, powerful, confident and fun, what more could you ask of a man?
Chaos rules supreme in this high energy shoot. An eye catching collection that grabs your attention and draws you in. The new season trends will take men back to grass roots with strong masculine haircuts and short clean barbering lines with strong fringes and hairlines.
Texture will continue to be scruffy with the added twist of loose, natural texture and movement with a focus on beach look curls. Summer will be about going lighter with blondes and reflecting dirty tones with a hint of gray.
Brunettes will also show cooler tones with a combination of grays, blues and green tones peeping through. Reds will have a masculine rustic effect while dark hair is going jet black. The new season will entice men to be masculine and natural and will bring with it a hint of intrigue and interest with exotic cool pastel color tones.

Long Men's Hair with Curls

Long men's haircut with curls
While women's styles are growing shorter, men's are working in reverse. At least for many men, the current trends are offering the freedom for longer locks and more freedom of movement in the hair.
The stiffly dressed locks are going away, and the loose waves and bouncing curls are taking the spotlight. Here we see a layered cut where the top, crown and nape are cut in a long uniform layer cut, while the sides are close-cropped to create a vertical focus and balance wider faces and features.
The cut is ideal for those with natural waves in the hair, and styling consists of a diffused blow-dry technique with a light hold product to keep the curls defined and provide a gentle hold. A dab of product raked through the hair adds definition without stiffness or weighing the hair down too much.

Short Men's Haircut

Short layered men's haircut with closely tapered sides and back
Even as trends move to longer men's cuts, the shorter styles receive a texturing treatment. This short, layered look is closely tapered along the sides and back and left longer in the top section.
The classic lines of the traditional men's cut are followed while all of the lengths are strongly textured with a chipped-in texturing technique. This gives the hair a chunky feel without the bulk usually associated with such styles.
Styling the hair involves the use of a blow-dryer and vented brush with a malleable (probably wax-based) product to add structure to fine hair and give definition to the strands.

Elongated Forelock

Men's hairstyle with an elongated forelock
In some cases, the increase in length among men's hairstyles will be seen in targeted areas. This example shows a dramatically elongated forelock style where the hair of the top section is grown out long and cut into a deeply textured curved fringe that falls to chin length at its lowest point.
The sides, back, and crown are clipper cut into a taper, while the layering of the forelock is chipped-in along the leading edge. The styling is achieved with a blow-dryer and brush using a strong hold product to create a sheet of structured fringe held firm and providing a visual focus for an otherwise mundane style.

Layered Men's Cut

Traditional layered men's cut with a long fringe and sideburn areas
The natural texture and wave in many ethnic hair types is often a challenge for stylists, but Samantha Dalakian has found a way to make the hair work for her in this layered, men's cut.
Following the perimeter of a traditional men's cut Ms. Dalakian has left the forward points of the head - the fringe and sideburn areas - long, while the interior is cut into uniform layers and textured using a point cutting technique.
The overall effect is one of balanced extremes and gives the hairstyle an ethnic quality that would otherwise be lacking.

Topiary-Like Hairstyle for Men

Topiary-like hairstyle fo men with clipper cut sides and back
This style is all about shape. Starting with a head of thick, coarse, curly hair, the sides and back are clipper-cut into a tapering perimeter while the top and crown are shaped into an asymmetrical topiary-like style.
In what is almost an angled Mohawk style, the hair forms a peaked line that runs at an angle from the crown to the right side of the face. Styling this look would consist of diffused blow-drying with a medium hold product to retain the integrity of the curl.

Classic Men's Cut

Classic men's haircut with increased length in the top section
Rounding out the collection of men's hairstyles and looks is this variation of the classic men's cut. With shorter lengths on the back and sides and increased length in the top section, the style seems at first to be a "grown out" version of standard cuts.
However, the top and forward half of the crown are segregated in their lengths, going from a clipper-cut closeness on the sides, back, and rear crown, to a length of approximately 1.5 inches at the mid-crown which increases as you move toward the fringe.
The upper portions (the longer ones) are textured with a point-cutting technique to balance the bulk in the hair and create a more defined look.
Styling includes a diffused blow-dryer and strong hold product to give structure and definition to the curls and long-wearing hold to then overall style without worry of frizz.
Hair: Samantha Dalakian @ Mieka Hairdressing, Melbourne
Photography: Christian Blanchard
Make-Up: Ellinda Corbisiero
Stylist: Jordan Moore
Products: Redken For Men
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