Gatsby by Pierre Alexandre

Gatsby hair for women and men
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Pierre Alexandre has caused many waves before, but for his 50th industry anniversary he pulled all the stops and brings us Gatsby hairstyles that are glamorous, absolutely stunning and breathtaking.
The collection brings magic to our time as it turns women and men into goddesses and gentlemen. The haircuts are precise, and the waves as defined as can be. The looks go from short to long hair, and all colors are invited to join the party as long as they are bright, strong and shiny. Old Hollywood and the roaring 1920s turn heads once again and will definitely cause speechless moments...

Finger Waves with Sleek Contrast

Retro bob shape hairstyle with finger waves
Short hair with retro finger waves
Like a great sculpture, the shape and proportion of this hairstyle is so balanced and beautiful it just makes your heart jump. The base cut is a classic bob, cut blunt and with laser precision. A side part infuses instant elegance that is taken to the stars with the addition of the beautiful retro finger waves on the dominant side.
The waves turn into finely shaped curls in the end, whose direction alternates in two layers. The face is framed on one side with the charismatic movement of the waves and stunning simplicity on the other. The rest of the hair is styled to utter straightness and even juts out in a sharp little angle in the back.

Short and Dark Vintage Hair

Short retro flapper bob hairdo with waves
Release your inner flapper and follow in the footsteps of famous women like Louise Brooks and Clara Bow with this short bob. A few layers add new proportion to the shape and make it very organic and feminine. The waves are dominant on the larger side of the side parted hair and bring a lot of attention to her eyes.
Opposite to its predecessor, this short haircut has a bit more length in the neck. Her hair color is a very deep chocolate brown, a great alternative to the often harsh black. It is warm and works great with her skin tone.

Retro Bob with Cinched Sides

Retro 1920s bob with cinched sides
Model before short hair makeover
Model after short hair makeover
A beautiful hazelnut colored bob is parted on the side and then gently cinched, narrowing at about ear level. This half wave creates a refreshing upswing in front and in the back and in its simplicity it is absolute elegant and intriguing.
This is the look to go for if the more elaborate waves are too bold for you. You still have the 1920s effect and bring much attention to your eyes and cheekbones with this adorable hairstyle.

Earlobe Length Bob with Finger Waves

Short ear-length hair with finger waves
If there ever was real eye candy, it must be this short hairstyle. With the color of mother of pearl on silky fondant these waves remind us of the finest confections. These fine ondulations wouldn't have their effect if it wasn't for the sleek and straight contrast that is found in the rest of the hair.
Cut to an earlobe length bob her fine tresses are gently curved and snug to the shape of her head. The sexy comes in with a small lower section of the neck that is clipped to ultimate shortness. With all of that geometry the abundance and heavy, unstoppable motion of the waves that plunge forward and turn into a curled fringe is truly spectacular.

Curls and Rolled Braids

Retro hairstyle with rolled braids and curls
You don't need to get out the big rollers, a curling iron will do just fine to create the three giant barrel curls that adorn her forehead. Again an astonishing contrast comes in to turn this look into a sizzling and fascinating retro hairstyle.
The rest of the hair was braided and then curled up to cluster in the back with the most interesting structure. Since there is a lot of straightness in between, it is just the right look to wear with a feisty and stylish little black hat!

Long, Layered and Vintage

Long Gatsby era vintage hairstyle
You don't have to cut your hair to follow this vintage trend. Even if you have long layers, you can go for it. The hair for this bewitching style was parted in the center and the almost uniform waves, with their fine definition were placed as a frame around her face.
Below the chin, things churn up more and the stiller water turn into a textured and turbulent delta. The smokey eyeshadow repeats the warm, dark brown color of her hair and completes the retro effect together with the obligatory bold lipstick.

Copper Hair with Ripples

Vintage hair with ripples and waves
Vintage hairstyle for wavy red hair
If you prefer your waves less refined you can still turn yourself into a vintage glamor goddess with large waves in long to medium long hair, as long as they have a certain amount of uniformity and do not look random. Make waves with a purpose! The side part is just elegant to die for. Work it!
If the drama of the hairstyle was not enough, there is also the color that spices it all up. A light copper blond seems to glow even in the dark and is just the right hue for new and exciting fashion adventures this season.

Vintage Waves for Men

Gatsby hairstyle with finger waves for men
Cool finger waves are not just for the girls anymore. We have to share the goodness with the well coiffed and dressed men of today and let them have some fun too. His dapper do consists of a side part in a fairly traditional men's haircut with the neck long enough to touch his collar.
The hair has to be long enough and soft enough to be shaped into these alluring waves that are especially well defined on his crown, leaving a distinct curvy line across his forehead. Pomade or gel are made for this...

Tuft of Curls

Vintage men's hair with curls and a short clipped back
A little bit of Tony Curtis and a lot of Prince can be detected in this extravagant vintage inspired men's hairstyle. The hair surrounding the sides and back is clipped extra short and then there is the big surprise.
A big tuft of bouncy and opulent curls as if they were just taken from the head of cupid. This intriguing mixture of elements is not for the timid. Be brave and show us your romantic and fashion driven side!
Hair Design: Pierre Alexandre & Team
Fashion Stylist: Steven Spencer
Make-up Artist: Nita Malata
Photography: Rory Lewis
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