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Citadine by Bruno Flaujac Coiffures

  • pixie with bangs
  • above the jawline hairstyle
  • sophistacted mens hairstyle
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City dwellers are living a fast paced modern life with no time to spare. Although there are many plus points, there are a few negative ones as well. Hair cannot be elaborate or fancy anymore and busy people need to find low maintenance hairstyles that are still stylish.
Bruno Flaujac has a solution. He is bringing us hairstyles that are easy to maintain, bright, colorful and eye-catching. Each style is unique and suitable for a hectic life. Short hair doesn’t necessarily mean boring. There are many ways to wear short hair. You can add a sharp color, change the texture or style the hair in a different way. Here are some of Bruno’s new short hair looks.
Hairstyles: Bruno Flaujac Coiffures