Everyday by Gandini Team

Everyday hairstyles with vintage influences
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The muses from past decades and even centuries kissed the Gandini Team with passion when this new "Everyday" collection was created.
Inspired from favorite hairstyles of gone by times, which have never lost their allure, the eight looks not only bring back memories but they are also loaded with innovative hair styling ideas, state of the art hair coloring and some bold statements. These come with a truly hair rising verve in the shape of high quiffs, faux Mohawks, long fringes and extreme volume.
The types of styles are as multi-facetted as modern life is and they range from preppy to opulent and even punky. The hair colors are just as eternal as the looks and glow, with one purple and one dark blonde exception, in cosmic blonde tones with bright, shimmering surfaces.

Swing around the Fringe

Ear-lobe length haircut for blonde hair
A dynamic movement catches the entire outline of this ear-lobe long haircut and takes it to vivacious sophistication. All of the curling and swirling takes place on a short bob with a bit of low layering and a partly graduated neck.
Feminine and chic, this short hairstyle speaks the language of seduction with class. Blonde, sparkling like good champagne is the perfect color for this timeless favorite.

Prep À Porter Pixie Cut

Easy to wear short pixie haircut for every day
Short and sweet for every day. This light and easy to wear short haircut places the focus on the fringe and with that accentuates her eyes. Smooth roundness and precise cut sides are just as essential as the graduated neckline and a golden blonde is the perfect match with its precious shine.
Gentle highlights illuminate the pixie cut for more depth, and the styling makes sure that a few strands are directed against the stream for a modern and energetic flow.

Chocolate and Plum

Short brown hair with a purple fringe
It does not always have to be Breakfast at Tiffany's for you wear a chic little black dress and a stylish haircut. The Holly Golightly of the 21st century sports her fashion sense anywhere and anytime she feels like it and in every color of the spectrum. The long flashy fringe is dipped in a bright amethyst purple making it an interesting counterpart to the dark brown style.
A flash of silver shimmers like fine jewelry on the edge of the side swept fringe. The sides and back of the haircut are super short and the crown was given some elegant height during the styling process.

Cool to the Tips

Short hair with sleeked back sides for a Brigitte Nielsen look
Feeling extravagant and daring? Perhaps this Brigitte Nielsen styling will express your inner world to the outside. Made famous in the 1980s by singers, models and actresses, haircuts with a high, spiky top have become a part of the hair fashion top 20 lists of all times.
The base cut can be very short hair with a longer fringe or even a medium long look which is sleeked back along the sides with some wax or pomade. Highlights increase the flame like effect of the rising fringe which has some soft texture and smooth waves built-in.

Lines go Fluffy

Faux Mohawk hair for women
A wave of a hairstyle will sweep everyone in your proximity away and draw them into your net of style and charisma. This faux Mohawk design defies gravity but only with the help of some seriously strong styling products. These are only applied to the lower part to prevent the half-moon of fluffy curls from sticking together and from getting too heavy.
Comb lines in the side show the direction of the design. The color is a sweet mix of golden and cooler platinum tones. This one is not for skittish and shy women.

Warrior of Style

Mohawk haircut for women
The softness of the previous look is replaced here with a through and through bristly and rugged determination and the haircut itself is geared towards the Mohawk styling with short sides and a steep, graduated back. Most of the length sits right along the center ridge of her head and forms a formidable curve when seen from the side.
The front is pulled towards the eyes to perfect the curve. Lots of texture in the tips is a must. The color plays along with the cool image and shrouds the brown base in a silverish, muted shine with a couple of darker accents.

Aria in Hair

Hair in an updo inspired by the opera
A hairstyle as magnificent as a beautiful opera and with just as much of drama. The hair is draped over the head like liquid toffee. The serpentine flow from the front all the way to the nape is well defined and uninterrupted.
Again the hair color was used to enhance shape and dimension. Buttery caramel tones and darker ash blonde hues make a perfect pair to add the right luster and finesse to this exquisite updo.

Volume Trifled

Blonde hair in a ponytail with 3 parts
In case you might try to recreate this look at home, make sure you have some help or better just trust your mane to a professional for elaborate hairdos like this. This is what can happen to a ponytail when creative minds redefine its character and limits.
More volume than a simple elastic band can handle and the magical disappearance of the tips at the bottom of the three-part creation. Smoothness and a range of light and dark blonde tones make it even more striking.
Hair: Gandini Team
Make-up: Elisa Rampi
Photography: Paulo Renflte
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