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Timeless Collection

Gandini Team

  • timeless bob
  • drop shape haircut
  • short punk haircut
  • long hair with layers and volume
  • braiding with a scarf
  • elegant ponytail
  • beaded hairband
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There is a reason why some hairstyles made it onto the "timeless" list. They are simply beautiful. True beauty does not have an expiration date and it follows a general, even cosmic, esthetic that never looses its appeal. This observation does not mean that these styles can never change or be developed and adjusted to a new century, if not longer.
The Gandini Team selected some of the all time favorites and gave them a modern makeover without losing the initial appeal and power of these timeless, classic icons. Touches of color, exaggerations of shape and new styling techniques together with modern accessories perpetuate the beauty of those hairstyles for a new millennium.
Hair: Gandini Team
Make-up: Stefania Pellizzaro
Photography: Stefano Bidini
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