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Timeless hairstyles for women
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There is a reason why some hairstyles made it onto the "timeless" list. They are simply beautiful. True beauty does not have an expiration date and it follows a general, even cosmic, esthetic that never looses its appeal. This observation does not mean that these styles can never change or be developed and adjusted to a new century, if not longer.
The Gandini Team selected some of the all-time favorites and gave them a modern makeover without losing the initial appeal and power of these timeless, classic icons. Touches of color, exaggerations of shape and new styling techniques together with modern accessories perpetuate the beauty of those hairstyles for a new millennium.

Streak of Beauty

Timeless brown bob with a streak of blonde hair
In the Hair Hall of Fame, a blunt cut bob would certainly be on one of the top positions and has been there for a very long time. Every season plays with this timeless icon and gives it a distinct makeover and new touches. The approach the bob with the utmost in finesse, adding only small but very strong elements to the chin length form which has a subtle texture in the very tips.
A long streak of platinum separates the two symmetric halves of the cut and runs from the back of the crown in a laser sharp straight line to the end of her fringe where it touches the base of her nose. The fringe itself is cut in a wide curve with its longest part also at its center.

Tulip Style with Fire

Short drop shape haircut inspired by the 60s
Barbra Streisand loved similar short hairstyles in the 60s and the sleek, dynamic shape is still a big trend today. It even looks so new that the word retro does not really fit, especially after the Gandini treatment. The shape was taken to the extreme with the top slightly lifted and very round and a seamless tapering towards the neck. The face is more hugged than framed with this tulip or drop shape hairstyle.
The highlight of it is the streak of color which illuminated the S shaped line that originates on the crown and ends in a point along the jaw line. The base color, a rich medium brown first lightens up with blonde streaks and then it is the bright copper streak that makes its grand appearance.

Bold, Bolder, Boldest

Blonde punk haircut with short back and sides
Punk never meant to go mainstream, but aren't we lucky that it did? The powerful energy of going against the rules, of ignoring conventions and reinventing esthetics has brought us a huge liberation of creativity and with that countless edgy and beautiful hairstyles. For this forward-looking example a short tomboy haircut was styled towards the front from a central point in the back of the crown.
Back and sides are short and appealing. The top hair is longer and features a long, slightly asymmetrical fringe that comes in two parts. A gossamer fine upper layer with anti-gravity styling floats in a transparent luminescence above a solid black underneath following the shape of her eyebrows.

Winged Seduction

Long winged hair with layers and volume
The volume in this long hairstyle comes with a capital V, which also spells VAVAVOOM. Layers direct the distribution of it, but it is the styling that creates the incredible lift and sheer opulence while giving it momentum, swing and direction.
The most pouf is on top and even includes a trendy and fun little bump on the back of her head. The long, tapered sides are swung backwards and curve back to the opposite direction below the chin, giving the entire look the appearance of large wings.

Braid with Silk

Hair braiding with a silk scarf
In case you happen to run out of fresh flowers to weave into your long hair or are not in the mood for anything wilting in your elaborate updo, try a long and colorful silk scarf. This style might require the help of a stylist to braid into its opulent shape.
A mix of braiding techniques, including French braiding in front with wide strands, creates this gorgeous masterpiece that has the flair of fairy tale romance and a magic past where women showed their beauty in a big way without concern of office policies and low maintenance needs.

Triple Binding

Elegant ponytail with volume
A familiar style, the hair taken back and fastened with a number of elastics or wires to shape a long ponytail structure that begins at the crown. With more volume and a clear design that separates the thick strands and tugs the length under, a new and very elegant hairdo emerges.
It is not even as complicated as it looks, however two extra hands can help a lot to create it. The hair was treated with a smoothing lotion to make it so supple and prevent any stray hairs from disrupting the sleek surface.

Wound and Bound

Updo with a thick bun and a beaded hairband
Special occasions hairstyle
A thick bun reminds of some very far away ages, but with the modern beaded hairband and innovative styling it fits right in to our times.
With long thick hair and a dab of smoothing lotion, this alluring look, which basically is a long ponytail that is doubled under and slung around itself, is within reach. Wear it for special occasions, on holidays or just to make yourself feel like a queen for a day.
Hair: Gandini Team
Make-up: Stefania Pellizzaro
Photography: Stefano Bidini
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