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Jesien-Zima 2009

Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin

Opposites become astonishingly compatible when brought together by the talented and creative minds at Poland's famous Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin.
  • flaming red hair
  • haircut with long and short lengths
  • 1960  hair fashion
  • free 60s hairstyle
  • hippy inspired hair fashion
  • peasant look
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The 1960s and rock music set the mood and inspiration for this colorful and fun hairstyles collection. Half of the collection amuses and amazes with its colorful effects, the clear geometric lines and disruptions thereof. Short haircuts with surprises and extravagant elements that are sure to earn a standing ovation from anyone who looks at hair as a medium for art and who thinks outside the box of tradition.
The second part of the fun hairstyles collection reflects the same source of inspiration but is executed in a more traditional way with natural colors and more classic shapes. Rock and Romance are translated into hair in a truly masterful way.
Hairstyles: Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin
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