Girls with Short Hair (9)

These styles for girls with short hair are simply awesome! There are thousands of reasons to love short hairstyles and thousands more to love having short hair yourself. Are you going pixie short or would you rather opt for a bob? Ahead are awesome hairstyles to choose from!
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  • Short women's haircut with a sleek pomade finish
  • Short back and sides crop haircut for women
  • Modern bowl cut inspired by the 1960s Purdey hairstyle
  • Short pixie cut with finger-waved bangs
  • Feminine short hairstyle with layering and long bangs
  • Short hairstyle with alternating hair lengths
  • Short cropped blonde hair with a spiky silhouette
  • Very short haircut with wet look styling
  • Pixie cut with very short bangs and a longer top section
  • Blunt bob with an extreme shaved undercut
  • Short layered bob haircut that frames the face
  • Short bob with bangs and 1980s inspired styling
  • Feminine chin length bob with layering along the tips
  • Medium-short layered hairstyle with curls and 1950s inspiration
  • Short layered bob with the ends styled outward for an airy feel
  • Short layered hairstyle with thinned out tips
  • Short point-cut bob with the ends styled inwards
  • Contemporary short hairstyle with soft wispy sections
  • Short razored haircut with layers and mullet elements
  • Short layered hairstyle with the bangs styled upwards
  • Short bob with feathery bangs and layers for volume
  • Edgy graphic bob with multiple hair colors
  • Smooth asymmetrical bob with a cutting line that follows the jaw
  • Short hair with long bangs and diagonal styling
  • Short in the back and longer in front haircut for women
  • Short rocker hairstyle with back swept bangs for women
  • Short hairstyle with curls and all hair out of the face
  • Layered bob with a short neck section and a longer front
  • Short haircut with a graduated neck and curved bangs
  • more short hairstyles

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