Urban Stories by KLIPP Frisör

Urban trend haircuts
The KLIPP Fashion Team under the direction of hairdressing world champion and Goldwell brand ambassador Mario Krankl has once again demonstrated perfection in hairdressing. The four trend looks are quite daring and courageous.
Haircut and color make an exciting combination and are far from boring and traditional. Textured hair ensures a lively and unconventional styling.
Gender-neutral looks are a big topic in 2020. Styles that are attributed to a man are just as confidently worn by women and vice versa. Regardless of whether it's a cheeky pixie or a fringed shag, the genders are blurring. All time classic is the fringed layered bob, cut to chin length.
Oxygenated Effects - a gentle gradient from dark top hair to lighter tips, together with the block-coloring technique - divide the hair into blocks and different colors. This creates an additional play of hair colors.
Anna - Feminine Pixie
Cheeky and very feminine pixie cut
Gender-neutral looks that women and men can wear are all the rage this year. Anna's cheeky, confident and yet very feminine pixie cut is the best example of this. The hair color is far from reserved: soft cassis and pastel-like ice gray were dyed in block-coloring and create an exciting play of colors.
Alex - Cheeky Shag
Layered shag with natural cutting lines
Alex wears her hair in the pantone trend color "Bleached Coral". This symbolizes the colors of the raging sea. From smoky blue, shades of turquoise, shimmering gray tones to cream and anthracite, all colors can be combined with one another. The oxygenated effect ensures an additional play of colors in the hair, with a gentle gradient from dark roots to lighter tips.
The cheeky shag was extremely layered and cut very naturally with concave bangs and fringed cheeks.
David - Fringed Shortcut
Fringe shortcut for men with ginger hair
David's look is reminiscent of the late 70s and the style of Steve McQueen. He wears the textured, fringed shortcut calmly and very naturally. With his natural ginger hair color, he's right on trend this year.
Aneta - Fringed Bob
Fringed bob, cut to chin length
Aneta's fringed chin length bob was also colored using the block coloring technique. As the name suggests, the hair is divided into blocks and then dyed in different colors. The color palette on Aneta ranges from cassis and lavender to the trendy color cantaloupe, a mixture of sugar melon and cassis.
The short, smooth and very point-cut bangs provide an additional highlight. This look is definitely not for conservative women.
Hairstyles: KLIPP Fashion Team
Creative Director: Mario Krankl
Photography: Gerhard Merzeder
Makeup: Alice Retzl
All photos ©KLIPP