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Cultural Shake by Framesi

  • fun bob
  • bob with a short neck
  • hair that flips out
  • easy short hair
  • beach waves
  • exotic upstyle
  • curls and undercut
  • smooth men's hair
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True fashion aficionados prefer their hair shaken not stirred. A colorful mix of patterns, textures and creative colors are the ingredients to this inspiring cocktail made in Italy. Framesi offers personalized haircuts, custom tailored to the needs, wants, face shapes and lifestyles of each individual.
Cuts are created with razors for a very soft texture. Beachy waves and colors taken from a fine wine tasting complete this collection of casual chic. Each style can be worn in different ways by dressing it up for special occasions with a few styling tricks. Framesi also takes hair accessories to new feathery realms.
Hair: Framesi