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The trend for this Intercoiffure Mondial hairstyles collection is romantic or ethnic, and reminiscent of the 1960's and 1970's. A new seduction comes into play and it offers a mixture of modernity, nostalgia and softness. Practical haircuts allow several variations and a woman that is both delicate and strong, audacious and innocent is being revealed. With this hairstyles collection stylists from Intercoiffure Mondial introduce a line where know-how enhances a natural look.
Applied with delicacy, colour adds a glint of honey, caramel and Venetian blonde. Shade is the secret of preserving a soft harmony.
  • tousled short hair
  • short trendy bob
  • ethnic style updo
  • short layered hairstyle
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Bobs, long or short, have been revised. Hair is in turn tapered, layered and lightened, allowing various combinations of smooth, curly and mixed styles. Fringes and partings can be placed as the mood bids. Volumes are pure, light and airy.
Hairstylists are playing with a natural look of innocence and softness while leaving room for provocation. Hairstyles are varied and come in all lengths. They reveal the features but can also conceal them. The important thing is to create movement but also to let each woman choose her own freedom of style.
Paying attention to each woman and her personality, make-up will illuminate her. The base is impeccably natural, giving a healthy, fresh complexion, very lightly sun-tanned. The eyes are very soft and lightly made up. They can be playful, and will sometimes have mischievous small specks of bright blue or yellow. When thick mascara is used they take on a 1960's air. Lips, pencilled and glossed in pastel shades, are emphasised. Soft, transparent make-up enhances the eyes or mouth, garding the frailty of today's woman.
Hairstyles: © Intercoiffure Mondial