Pictures of Trendy Short Hairstyles (8)

We are fans of short hairstyles. Are you? Short haircuts are easy to maintain, and many of them require you to just wash, blow dry or run a comb through it to look good. Are you ready for new short hair and maybe a new hair color? Check out these pictures of trendy short hairstyles and you might find your future look!
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  • Short 1950s inspired hairstyle with sideburns for women
  • Hairstyle with the neck and sides cropped really short
  • Sleek chin length bob with long bangs and the ends curved inward
  • Classic short hairstyle inspired by 1960s fashion
  • Very short women's haircut for an Annie Lennox look
  • Blonde bob haircut, styled with an outward flip
  • Bob cut with hair that does not touch the shoulders
  • Short hairstyle with the hair styled to form pigtails
  • Short 1960s inspired mushroom haircut with long bangs
  • Short bob with a side part and curved tips
  • Simple short haircut with ear to ear bangs
  • Short hairstyle with neat cutting lines and a graduated neck
  • Very short hair with sideburns and blunt cut bangs
  • Short hairstyle with feathered layers and a neatly cut neck section
  • Very short hairstyle with clipper cut back and sides for women
  • Short A-line bob with a buzzed nape section
  • Half ear length haircut with long diagonal bangs
  • Bob cut with straight lines and long diagonal bangs
  • Short face framing hairstyle with a lot of layers
  • Coupe sauvage hairstyle with varying lengths and a wild appearance
  • Haircut with super short sides and spiky styling
  • Easy to style and to maintain short hair for women
  • Short mushroom cut with shine and daring hair colors
  • Short blonde hair with a lot of texture and blue streaks
  • Short two cuts on one head hairstyle
  • Short bob with super short bangs and forward jutting sides
  • Brunette pixie cut that you can style with your fingertips
  • Very short at the sides pixie cut with longer hair at the top
  • Short bob with structured bangs and an intense red hair color
  • more short hairstyles

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