Haircut for Stressed Hair

Bob haircut for stressed hair
The bob is an ideal haircut for stressed hair.
"Chin-length haircuts like the bob are ideal for stressed hair," explains Sascha Breuer, Wellaflex styling expert. "With this cut, the hair does not reach the shoulders so that the ends are not further stressed. Additionally, the bob must be trimmed regularly, removing any dried or split ends."
Step 1:
Spray into towel dry hair
Spray Wellaflex Style & Repair Milk into towel-dried hair. This is made easy when tilting the head slightly to the side, to make the hair fan out, and the milk will distribute evenly. Alternatively, comb a golf ball-sized amount of Style & Repair mousse into the hair. Add an extra dose into the stressed ends.
Step 2:
Apply hair repair mousse
For a lot of volume on top of the head, blow dry the hair over a round brush. While doing this, lift the hair up with some tension. In any case, make sure that the blow dryer does not get too hot and is not held too close to the hair.
Step 3:
Roll the ends of the hair inwards
Define the ends of the hair inward using a soft round brush. Roll the hair over the brush, blow-dry, and cool off.
Step 4:
Protect the hair with hairspray
Fixate the look with Wellaflex Style & Repair Spray. By keeping a spraying distance of about 20 cm, the hairspray is evenly distributed and the hair is protected all over.
Photos: Wellaflex
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