Men's Hairstyles by La Biosthetique Paris

Short Spiffy Hairstyle

Short and easy spiffy hairstyle for men
This short spiffy hairstyle is cut around the ears and combed toward the face. The back is tapered in unison with the sides, and the top has irregular fun spikes that go in each direction ending with a few strands tipping the forehead. An easy and fun men's hairstyle that uses plenty of gel.

Man's Hairstyle

Short cropped hairstyle for men
A real man's look is featured with a short cropped hairstyle that rides over the ears, leaving a blend of sideburns and short around the nape. The top presents spiked fans of hair that plume up and out for a height.

Curled Up Back

Men's hair with a curled up back
A Caesar haircut brings all the hair in pieced sections to frame around the man's face. The bangs are heavily brought over across the forehead. The back is also clipped in short layers with a little bit of fringe around the nape that is curled up.

Flippy Shag Haircut

Shag haircut for men
A flippy shag haircut for men swings out along the sides and the back and lies around the neckline that becomes the focus of the hairstyle. The trendy top comes down in the heavy bulk to take over part of the forehead and part of the eye.

Streamlined Shag

Long over the collar shag haircut for men
Our male model wears a streamlined shag that flows straightly over the collar and slithers lightly over the ears. The top is designed from combing the brunt of the crown toward the face and over the forehead to curve over one eye.
An elect canopy of gold threads is lined throughout the brown hair to lend a surfer effect.

Long Layered Haircut

Long male haircut with layers and a body wave
This dark-haired man is wearing a long layered haircut that has been given a body wave to present thickness and the spontaneity of curls. Most attractive is the way he has his hair that is combed away from his face and over the ears.
His hair has the momentum of texture through the light threads that lie lightly over the rest of the bulk.

Around the Ears

Around the ears haircut with long bangs for men
This sheer delight of a close cut that rides up and around the ears, lends a surprise with long, straight bangs originating from the crown and brought down to one side of the face and cuffed together with the hair on the sides. Fashionable unique with lots of pizzazz, be sure and use your gel for holding power.

Bulky Hairstyle

Men's haircut that covers the ears and eyebrows
This mirror image of today's front bulky men's hairstyles starts with the gathering of the crown and part of the back to comb all of the hair toward the face, with just a small divide upon the forehead that lies over the brows and covers the ears upon the sides.

Shag Appeal for Men

Neckline length shag cut for men
Laces of fringe cover the neckline in this layered shag appeal with hair along the sides in a wispy nature that thinly lies over the man's ears. The focal area comes from the crown and is brought toward the face and down to cover one whole eye and is pieced over the other eye.

Waves and Curls for Men

Long layered men's hairstyle with waves and curls
This long layered thickly styled dark hair is amassed into waves and large round curls upon the head that fusses over onto the slick sides that are combed behind the man's ears. The back is combed straight down with a blanket of volume. The idea is for your hair to look thick.

Easy Men's Hairstyle

Easy haircut with layers for men
A true picture of a seaside blonde is portrayed with the back cut closely around the nape and the rest of the hair in longer layers is combed toward the face to cover the forehead and thicken above the ears. An easy men's hairstyle to keep when shaped on a regular basis.

Fun Hairstyle for Men

Simple men's hairstyle with side burns
Here is a charming picture of a glossy blonde color developed into a sleek performance of bluntness that derives from the crown, combed toward the face and over the sides just above the ears.
The undersides are cut closely around the ears, yet blend in well with the side burns as the back flows together into a tight crop. For plenty of control, use a firming gel for this simple fun hairstyle.
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