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Carpy Coiffeur

Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 2007-2008

Let the snow and ice come! With hairstyles like this we won't get cold. Hot looks for the cold season come with plenty of texture, deep color and powerful elegance with a casual edge.
Carpy Coiffeur sets the tone with wearable hairstyles for the whole family - for play and for glamour. What they all have in common is timeless style, meticulous cuts with modern details and easy but effective styling for men, women and children.
  • long textured bob
  • feminine midlength haircut
  • hair dressed up
  • haircut for a young man
  • boys haircut
  • curls for girls
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Colors stay natural but rich and of course we want that intense shine to reflect all of the wonderful lights of the holidays and long candlelight filled nights.
Hair: Carpy Coiffeur
Photos: © Filippe Darocha
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