Curls are Back in Town by Ad Peters

Hairstyles with curls inspired by the 1970s
They never really went away. They just left the limelight to the sleek and straight lines, the spikes and angled bobs for a little while. Now they are back with a vengeance. It is time to love your curls again and to boost that curly volume. Retire your flat irons and let them loose!
Ad and Jane Peters were inspired by curly looks of the 70s when they created their new collection. The hairstyles boast strong and vivacious curls that are, if not by nature, created with the sophisticated tools of the trade.
The party scene in Ibiza, Marbella and other global hot spots has already picked up on the sexy trend which is sure to turn into a tsunami that will sweep from the sunny beaches all the way to the international urban jungles with a wild roar.

Hairstyle with Large Curls

Medium hair with large brown curls
No wonder that screen goddesses like Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren became famous with similar hairstyles. These large curls, evenly distributed all over the head in supple delight, are the epitome of feminine power.
By combining different sizes and strengths of curls the unique and very 3-D was achieved that turned heads in the 70s and even more today.

Festive Hair Up Style

Festive updo with curls
This up style is twice as festive and stunning because it combines an elegant silhouette with wild and partially free flowing curls. The hair was twirled and fastened with invisible pins. After this the ends were shaped to perfection with a curling iron.

Men's Fashion Hairstyle

Male hairstyle with waves and volume
Not just the girls are making big waves. Men are also expressing their fashion credo with new, fluid and dynamic hairstyles. The length has increased again and we see lots of different texturing and styling techniques.
Cuts are often layered to create more volume on top, but follow a neat line around the side. These new haircuts have this irresistible adventurer, Indiana Jones and croc hunter feel that makes the ladies want to put on their safari boots.
Hairstyles: Ad & Jane Peters
Styling: Jane Peters
Make-up: Jani Danilakis (Ibiza)
Color & Styling Products: L'Oréal Professionel
Photography: Paul Ramon (Ibiza)