New Cuts for Short Hair (56)

Have you always wanted to have short hair but are afraid to get your locks chopped? Would you love experiencing the power of a daring short haircut? Short hair can be amazing if you choose the right cut and color. Look at these beautiful short hairstyles for women and choose something to your liking!
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  • Very short bob with thinned out tips
  • Short seventies inspired hairstyle for blonde hair
  • Wearable short bob with two tone hair coloring
  • Short haircut with texture and choppy layers for a redhead
  • Sleek short hair with the bangs swept to one side
  • Short asymmetric bob with one exposed ear
  • Choppy short hairstyle with a long neck section
  • Simple pixie cut the sides blow dried flat
  • Short hair with platinum blonde and orange color contrasts
  • Choppy short hairdo with a long neck section
  • Modern bowl haircut with an ear to ear cutting line
  • Brunette high volume bob with curls and straight bangs
  • Haircut with one short and one longer side
  • Very short haircut with contrasting sections for women
  • Short hairstyle with a deep side part and an upward flip
  • Fashionable short hairstyle with a round silhouette
  • Short geometric cut for brown hair with blue streaks
  • Short hair, tousled for a wild look
  • Extravagant short haircut with an uplifted neck section
  • Precision mushroom cut for sleek and supple hair
  • Hair with contrasting colors and a shaved side
  • Short round cut for shiny blonde hair
  • Modern wearable pixie cut with layers and soft lines
  • Shiny French bob with high and wide bangs
  • Blonde bob haircut with bangs and simple cutting lines
  • Modern short cut for blonde hair with dark streaks
  • Short blonde hair with a dynamic shape and pink accents
  • Short blonde bob with layered and curled ends
  • Sporty short hair with wet look styling for women
  • more short hairstyles

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