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Sergio Bossi Hairstyles Collection

The Collection:
In this collection, cuts and colors are dynamic and peppy for active and seductive women who understand that their principal asset is their body's well-being. Sergio Bossi associates his hair, cut, colour and texture creations to energizing nutrients that we find in food. Sergio Bossi, through cuts and colors that go from the most glamorous to the sexiest, helps you integrate hair-fooding to your life.
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Hair-fooding is the complementary treatment required for your hair's goodness. For years, women have been taught and advised to use external hair treatment, high in cosmetic and nutritional products. To add health and well-being to this treatment, we pair it nowadays to a lifestyle: hair-fooding. Our hair, an integral living part of our body, reacts to nutritional elements that are ingested, so let's eat for pleasure and for hair that is stronger and more beautiful!
Hair: Sylver Boll, artistic director Sergio Bossi
Photography: Gyslain Yarhi