ColorLuxury Makeovers by kpOchs

Hair makeovers
The perfect hairstyle is a true luxury. In order to fulfill the perfect look, color must be considered. Using the proper hair coloring techniques with a great cut can create a look that is truly unique.
Color Luxury Makeovers by kpOchs is the eclectic combination of brilliant colors with complimentary haircuts and styles that truly give a woman the naturally glamorous look that she desires.

Graphic Cut

Model before long to short hair makeover
Haircut shorter on one side
This first long to short hair makeover is a graphic haircut. Short on one side and longer on the other, the look is truly dimensional.
It is set off by the dark brown and black color combinations that make it shimmer like a starry night.


Model before hair makeover
Classic smooth bob with bangs
This long to short hair makeover is the classic bob. This hairstyle is designed to shape the face with its precise lines.
The hair color really sets this look apart with its reddish gold highlights that give it a true brilliance.

Twiggy Look

Model before haircut makeover
Short Twiggy haircut with layers for blonde hair
The Twiggy look hairstyle uses soft layers throughout a short bob to create volume and structure. The hair color is a light shimmery blonde that adds a bit of soft glamour to the style.


Long to very short hair makeover - before
Ultrashort haircut for women
This very short haircut breaks all boundaries. The cut is extremely short with different sections layered against each other to create contrast.
The ice-blonde cover adds to the extreme coolness of this great style.
Hair: kpOchs
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