Simple Short Hairstyles

Simple short hairstyles
Short hairstyles often epitomize “simplistic sophistication” in the hairdressing realm. These hairstyles tend to be refreshingly unpretentious with a bold undertone of originality and strength of character.
Have a look at these simple short hairstyles if you’re looking for some revitalizing inspiration concerning your cropped tresses. Spice up your short hair with bold highlights, subtle glints of color or by styling it into something out of the ordinary.
The possibilities are literally endless when you step into the intriguing sphere of short hairstyles. Dare to be different. A fun and intriguing transformation awaits you at the fingertips of your stylist. Maybe one of these simple yet contemporary short hairstyles will be your new look soon!
Very short pixie cut with highlights
Very short pixie cut with highlights. Hair by Andrew Hill.
This is a very short, pixie cut with slightly longer hair in the fringe. The hairline of the style is very structured and aesthetically motivated, ensuring a maximum impact force of creativity and imagination. The base color is a simple very dark brown, sprinkled with copper highlights in the texturized fringe.
Pixie with longer top hair
Pixie with longer top hair. Hair by Callum Standen.
This short pixie sports very short medium brown hair on the sides, with longer, copper-brown hair at the top of the head as well as at the back. This androgynous style is inspired by popular boys hairstyles, yet portrays distinctly feminine with its structured hairline and attention to color.
Short hairstyle with long bangs and long top hair
Short hairstyle with long bangs. Hair by Clynol.
The model’s hair is cut into a pixie with a distinctive hairline, while the hair on top of the head as well as the bangs are longer. The fringe is structurally styled, effectively connecting the circumference of the hairline. The black hair color showcases the aesthetic beauty of the short style flawlessly.
Simple short bob with a fringe
Simple short bob with a fringe. Hair by Hensmans Salons.
Here we have a simple short bob with a full, structured fringe. The bob is cut with a slight undercut to ensure that the hair curls inwards towards the cheekbones and jaw area. The very dark brown base color is illuminated in the fringe area with a few copper highlights.
Bob styled to resemble a pixie
Bob styled to resemble a pixie. Hair by Jean-Claude Biguine.
This short stacked bob has been ingeniously styled to resemble a messy pixie cut. The stylist applied a light mousse on the wet hair, before blow drying it in a fashionably messy style, and finally secured the style with a light wax. The natural medium brown base color compliments the style beautifully.
Short hair blow dried in an outward style
Short hair blow dried in an outward style. Hair by Lucie Saint-Clair.
The model’s hair is cut into a stacked bob that has been colored with a medium golden brown base color. The base color is sprinkled with very subtle light golden-brown highlights, adding dimension and movement to the color. The short hair is brow dried in an original outward style with a medium barrel brush.
Simple yet stunning pixie cut
Simple pixie cut. Hair by MOVA Art Team.
This a very simple yet stunning natural brown pixie cut that has been styled for an androgynous inspired look. The stylist applied blow dry lotion to wet hair, and blow dried the longer hair on the top backwards and slightly to the side. The short hair on the sides has been blow dried flat in a downwards direction.
Very short bob with texturized tips
Very short bob with texturized tips. Hair by Revlon Professional.
The model’s hair is cut into a very short bob that has been thinned out and texturized at the tips of the hair to give it that fluffy and feathery look. The base color is a natural ash blonde, which has been interwoven with very fine dark blonde lowlights, especially in the fringe.