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Some of the sexiest and most beautiful hairstyles were created in the 1960s. No wonder hairstylists today keep going back to these times for inspiration. Seanhanna Hair Salons put together a new collection aptly named "Vintage" with some of the best looks that had their origin in that bubbly decade.
  • hairstyle with an elevated back
  • Barbarella hairstyle
  • 60s look for long hair
  • hairstyle with overlays
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Short and long looks that remind us of legendary celebrities like Barbara Streisand, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda and Twiggy are back again to bring a little spunk and style into our 21st century lives.
The famous predecessors provided the muse's kiss and the creative talents at Seanhanna brought their state of the art techniques, fun new tricks in coloring and sensitivity for the needs and wants of modern women.
Hairstyles: Skyler McDonald & Yesmin O'Brien from seanhanna salons
Make-up: José Base
Photography: Roberto Angulair
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